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Perkie's Observations: Spencer Finds Mikkos' Will on General Hospital

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Michelle Stafford, Genie Francis. Nicolas Bechtel, Jon Lindstrom

Michelle Stafford, Genie Francis. Nicolas Bechtel, Jon Lindstrom

Olivia and Ned's wedding festivities continue. Monica welcomes Olivia into the Quartermaine family. Dillon says Tracy is there in spirit and toasts the happy couple. Ned explains how wonderful his grandmother, the first Mrs. Edward Quartermaine was, and that Olivia is as gracious.

Sonny gets a call from the nanny that Josslyn wasn't home when she dropped off Avery. Carly gets angry. When she can't reach Josslyn, she starts to worry.

Josslyn and Oscar have a wonderful time together until she realizes it's late and needs to hightail it home before Carly gets there.

CarSon say their goodbyes to the bride and groom. Sonny congratulates Olivia and says she deserves everything and that Ned is a lucky man.

Nina accidentally stumbles into the wedding looking for a drink. Charlotte's happy to see her. Charlotte tells Nina that while she likes leaving with Lante, she wishes Papa would come home to them.

Kevin shows up and tells Laura that Spencer is missing, again. This time he left a note saying he was looking for proof. Laura figures that he's headed to Wyndemere.

Olivia throws the bouquet, which Kiki catches. She promptly hands it to Charlotte. The happy couple head off to their suite to start their wedded bliss. Nelle heads back to Crimson to return her dress. She and Michael decide it's a good idea to have sex in the Crimson offices.

Josslyn is parked on the couch when CarSon gets home. She tries the innocent act, claiming she didn't get Carly's calls. Carly demands to know where Josslyn was. Josslyn claims she went out for a walk, and that all is fine now with Avery.

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Carly and Josslyn argue back and forth. Josslyn feels her mother is making the same mistakes. Carly counters that she's an adult with more life experiences. Carly says she doesn't want Josslyn making the same mistakes she made.

Josslyn continues to argue, but Sonny interrupts and tells her not to blame her mother. Sonny says he doesn't blame Josslyn for being angry with him and swears he'll make amends. He hopes Josslyn can forgive him at some point.

Nina heads to Wyndemere to feel closer to Valentin. She runs into Spencer, who's found a locked box under Nikolas' bed. Spencer thinks that it contains Mikkos' correct will. Kevin and Laura arrive. She's upset with Spencer's behavior, again.

Kevin thinks it's a good idea to open the box, otherwise Spencer will be obsessed with it. They open it and find a copy of the current will, which states that Valentin owns everything. Laura tells Spencer that he needs to face the truth and that he has a home with Kevin.

Nina tells Spencer that she'll talk to the lawyers to make sure he can come to the island anytime and visit with the horses.

Later, Spencer declares to himself that he'll fight to reclaim what is his.

Lulu returns to the party just as Dante gets a call that upsets him.

Nina hangs out at Wyndemere until someone, likely Valentin, shows up.

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