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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Is a Free Man on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart, Finola Hughes

James Patrick Stuart, Finola Hughes

Dante tells Lulu that Valentin is out of prison. He's now a free man and on his way back into the United States. Lulu wonders how it happened, so Dante decides to call Anna.

Nina's thrilled when she wakes up and finds Valentin standing over her. He tells her that the WSB is dropping all charges against him. He adds that without Alex's testimony, it's better for them to release him and pretend it never happened.

Valentin's happy to have his wife back, but Nina says she signed the divorce papers. He says he loves her and will do everything to convince her. Nina says he should check on Charlotte instead. While she's glad he's out of prison, they are divorced.

Nathan's upset to find his mother in a PCPD holding cell for tampering with Finn's drug tests. She claims she's the victim because Finn stole her job and she was demoted. Nathan promises to see what he can do to fix things.

Anna and Andre run into each other and share an uncomfortable few minutes. Both agree that what happened between them stopped at the right moment, and that they are better off as friends. Anna gets the call from Dante and heads out.

Liz treats Hayden to a meal at the Rib. They discuss Finn's recovery. Hayden starts having pains. Along with Andre's help, Liz gets Hayden to the hospital to be checked out. It turns out that Hayden ate too much rich food, and the baby is fine. Hayden admits this scare showed her how much she really wants this baby. Oooh foreshadowing.

Nathan calls Finn to ask him for leniency regarding Liesl. Finn offers to drop the charges if Liesl resigns from the hospital, issues a public apology, and clears his name. Liesl of course, is not interested since it means she'll never practice medicine again.

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Liesl says she stayed in PC to get to know Nathan better. Finn messed that up when he showed up and helped take her position away. She tells Finn to leave. He says he has a life here now with a baby on the way. Liesl agrees to consider his offer.

Anna reaches out to her contacts at the WSB and tells Lante that all charges were dropped against Valentin because the agency wanted to avoid unwanted attention. Anna says without Alex or Helena's testimony, everything against Valentin is circumstantial.

Nina heads to the station. She wants Nathan's help in preventing her from backsliding and taking Valentin back. He tells her about his mother's trouble and how he feels he needs to help Liesl. Nathan warns Nina to stay away from Valentin.

Liesl tells Nathan about Finn's offer. Nathan feels it's better than a stint in prison. When she's alone, Liesl declares she'll take away the most important thing to Finn. Oooh there's that foreshadowing again.

Valentin heads to the Metro Court for a reunion with Charlotte. He wants her back, but Dante says they have temporary custody. Valentin allows Charlotte to go home with Lante for the night.

Anna and Valentin share a drink. He says he's grateful to her because what he has now is indirectly because of her. Anna warns him not to blow things because she'll be waiting.

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