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Quinn Comes Face to Face With the Enemy on The Bold and the Beautiful

Rena Sofer, Kimberlin Brown

Rena Sofer, Kimberlin Brown

Quinn gathers the family. She's concerned that she hasn't heard from Eric. Ridge thinks Eric doesn't want to be around. Quinn says that he's not answering calls or texts.

Eric questions the odds that they would be in the same hotel on the same floor with Sheila. She thinks it's fate. He think it's stalking. Eric tells her he's exhausted and needs to rest. She invites herself into his room.

The Spencer men and Steffy are talking about Caroline, Thomas, and Douglas. Bill admits he likes having them around, but he's not so sure he wants Caroline with Thomas. He would rather have Spectra obliterated so he can build his big tower.

They discuss the upcoming summit. Bill is cool with Katie's idea, but he is not thrilled that Thomas pulled a live action stunt that put Steffy on the spot. Steffy's very confident that there really is no competition. Wyatt thinks it will be good for publicity to reignite the rivalry. Liam and Bill think Katie's idea is brilliant and fun. Steffy wants it to put and end to Spectra once and for all.

Brooke and Katie remind Quinn why Eric left. Ivy reminds her that he's only been gone one night. Ridge claims Sheila was going to tell Eric about the kisses, so Quinn had to. They discuss who could have told Sheila. Katie doesn't think it matters since Eric was hurt regardless. Quinn claims it does because she's dangerous and hopes she isn't with him now.

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Eric tells Sheila that he picked that place because he doesn't want to be found. She admits she cares about him and can't imagine what he's going through. She doesn't want to cause him anymore pain.

Steffy comments the Spencer office is like a fraternity. Bill calls it Phi Beta Spencer and offers to make her an honorary member. Steffy tells Bill to butt out of and not interfere with Spectra. She claims she can handle it. Bill starts blabbing and Steffy wonders if he has a plan. He admits he may have something up his sleeve.

Eric says that he left the house so quickly he didn't bring his medications, which concerns Sheila. Eric starts talking about what Quinn's loyalty meant to him. He gets mad that Brooke knew and that someone should have told him. He is at the point that he can't forgive anyone. Sheila offers to go to the house to get the medications he needs. She promises that no one will know she's even there. He gives her his keys. She promises to look out for him and be there for him.

Later at the office, Ridge whines that he lost Brooke and his father over a few kisses with someone he doesn't care about.

Eric is getting his drank on in his room. He looks at his ring and remembers his wedding and kicking Quinn out.

Sheila uses the keys to get into the big house. She sneaks upstairs. Quinn comes out of the kitchen. Quinn spots Sheila, who calmly tells her she's there to collect Eric's medications. She tells Quinn she's not going to give her any information. Quinn grabs her arm as Sheila turns away. She spins around and tells Quinn, "Don't you ever touch me like that!"