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Sheila Puts the Screws to Charlie on The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown, Dick Christie

Kimberlin Brown, Dick Christie

Thomas is spending quality time with Douglas, Caroline, and Steffy. Caroline is digging for information about his work and relationship. When he brings up the fashion challenge, Steffy claims Sally ambushed her. Thomas corrects her and tells them it was his idea. He thanks Caroline for bringing Douglas. Thomas grabs his man bag and leaves. Steffy asks Caroline if she now understands why she called her.

Charlie goes to see Sheila at her request, but he's not sure why he was summoned. She tells him she told Eric the truth about Quidge. He's surprised and relieved to learn that Quinn is out of the house. She thanks Charlie for saving Eric from a faithless woman.

Charlie wants Sheila to keep quiet about where she got her intel. He's concerned it could cause problems with Pam and his job, especially if Quinn finds out. He tells Sheila they are done and no longer wants to see her. Sheila laughs and tells him she doesn't know whether to feel insulted or flattered. Before he leaves, she makes Charlie an offer.

Shirley can see Sally's not happy. Sally confides that she got a phone call from Caroline. Grams tries to assure Sally she's in charge because Caroline is in New York. Thomas must live in the elevator because he walked in during this conversation, with coffee to boot! Thomas tells Sally that Caroline is in town.

Caroline whines that she's raising Douglas without Thomas. She tells Steffy that she resents Sally and misses him. Apparently, Thomas is so involved with Sally and Spectra that he has no time for them. Steffy insists he was manipulated and that everything is about Sally.

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Sheila tells Charlie to invest in her. She wants $1,000 to pay her hotel bill. When he refuses to give her money, Sheila tells him it's an investment in her silence. Sheila adds it's not blackmail, but a partnership. Sheila tells Charlie that Quinn's days are numbered as Mrs. Forrester. She asks Charlie where Eric is. She warns him not to lie to her. Charlie swears he has no clue and tells her he has to leave. She wants Charlie to reconsider her financial proposition so she can stay close to Eric. She promises it will pay off for him one day.

Sally admits she's not ready to meet Caroline. She tells Thomas about the phone call and the edge in Caroline's voice. Sally asks why she's here all of a sudden. He tries to take the blame that he hasn't been going to New York as often. Sally says it's because of her. Thomas assures her that he's with her, whether Caroline approves or not.

Steffy tells Caroline that love can be sidetracked. Caroline admits she wants Thomas. Steffy encourages her. Caroline is worried about his commitment to Sally. Steffy predicts that Thomas  and Sally will end.

Sheila is hanging out in her hallway when she spots Eric going into a nearby room. He wonders why she's there. She explains she's been staying there the whole time. He says he doesn't want to be bothered by anyone. She claims it's a coincidence they're at the same hotel...or is it?

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