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Perkie's Observations: Sam Has Visions of Killing Sonny on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

Carly updates Bobbie on the wedding and that Michael brought Nelle as his date. Carly feels Michael will be hurt unless she steps in. Carly mentions Josslyn's attitude. Bobbie says she's entitled to her feelings, but Carly still needs to set limits.

Nina's not happy to see Julian waiting for her in her office. She tells him that Crimson is doing fine and that he doesn't need to stick his nose in her business. Valentin arrives as Julian is leaving. Nina agrees to speak with him.

Valentin says he wants to buy ad space in the magazine. He's going to announce his new nonprofit venture. It's going to be a haven for racehorses that he's creating in Nina's name. Nina doesn't want him worming his way back into her life. She says nothing he does can cancel out the hurt he's caused.

Nina says he killed Spencer's father, but Valentin claims that's open for interpretation. What does that mean, show? Either he killed Nikolas, which makes him a murderer and not someone we should see as a romantic lead, or Nikolas is alive somewhere. If he's alive, then show us and you can keep Valentin as the lead you so desperately want JPS to be.

Laura worries about Spencer's obsession with Valentin and reclaiming his inheritance. Kevin feels that it's a way for Spencer to keep Nikolas' memory alive. Laura mentions that the anniversary of his death is coming up. Julian overhears Kevin mention Valentin being gone. He tells them that he just saw Valentin at Crimson. Laura gets upset and heads out to Spencer's camp.

Josslyn and Spencer discuss Hamlet, the play the camp is putting on. Oscar shows up to talk to Josslyn. Spencer discusses how his uncle killed his father and stole his inheritance. He promises to avenge his father.

Sonny stops by to discuss a business proposition with Jason. He claims will benefit them both. Sam hallucinates that Sonny is telling her that Jason is moving closer to him and to his death, and then heads out.

Jason complains to Sonny that Sam isn't accepting things as she used to. Sonny understands Sam's fears. He tells Jason about a real estate venture that he's interested in and wants Jason as his partner.

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Jason's not interested because his enemies will assume it's a front and he can't risk it. Sonny accepts his decision. He decides it can be a joint venture with ELQ. He heads out to talk to Michael. He leaves the papers for Jason to look over.

Bobbie warns Carly that she'll lose Michael if she pushes too hard. Bobbie figures Nelle has skeletons in her closet and they just need to find and expose them. Bobbie calls Felicia to restart her investigation into Nelle.

Sam hunts down Julian and tells him about Sonny's decision to leave the business. This idea is amusing to Julian, who says it will never happen. Sam says Sonny wants Jason back and she won't let it happen. Julian tells her the only way is to get rid of Sonny. Sam decides she needs to finish the job she started.

Nelle wonders about Nina's feelings for Valentin. She tells Nelle about the nonprofit in her name. Nina feels love isn't enough unless Valentin decides that his future with her is more important than his past.

Valentin finds Spencer at the camp. He claims he wants a friendship between them. He offers a ring from Mikkos as a peace offering. Spencer says he killed Nikolas and a ring won't make them even.

Laura and Kevin arrive. They warn Valentin to stay away from Spencer, but not before Spencer declares he'll bury his uncle.

Sam gets home and spots the papers that Sonny left behind. Jason swears he's not going back to the business. Sam pulls a gun on hallucination Sonny.

Sonny finds Josslyn and Oscar in the park. He wants to talk to her, but she refuses. When Sonny doesn't take no for an answer, Oscar tells him to back off. 

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