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Perkie's Observations: Lucy Delivers Sad News to Scott on General Hospital

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Lynn Herring, Kin Shriner

Lynn Herring, Kin Shriner

Lucy tells Scott that his father Lee passed away peacefully. Apparently, Serena was with her grandparents when it happened and called Lucy. Scott takes it pretty hard, reaching for a drink and claiming that he was a disappointment to his father.  

Felicia wants to keep Nathan company because she thinks he's lonely without Maxie. Nathan digs deeper. Felicia admits that Maxie is worried that he's keeping something from her. Nathan swears there's no cause for concern, even as he's dodging calls from Amy.  

Bobbie warns Carly not to tip her hand with Nelle and to pretend to be nice while they investigate her past.  

Sonny refuses to back off. Oscar gets protective of Josslyn and begins to record the situation, calling Sonny a pervert. Josslyn finally speaks up and says Sonny is her stepfather. Sonny actually praises Oscar for coming to Josslyn's defense.  

Sonny tells Josslyn that Jax's issues have been resolved and he can come back to the States. Josslyn is still angry that Jax was forced to change his summer plans. Sonny swears he'll continue to make it up to her because he cares about her.  

Bobbie meets with Felicia and tells her that Nelle has her hooks in Michael. She wants help taking her down. At first, Felicia refuses saying Bobbie will alienate Michael, who's a grown man. Felicia tells her to let Michael live his own life. Felicia tells her to weigh all the risks and if she still wants help, than she'll do the investigation.  

Carly gets back to the hotel and runs into Nelle and Michael. Michael asks her to join them for lunch. Carly plays nice, but turns down the offer.  

Amy gives Nathan the photo shoot proofs and asks for one more favor from him. Nathan's not happy about that. Amy says her brother has been approved for surgery and that she's taking a leave of absence to help take care of him.  

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Amy needs Nathan to do one more interview because she needs the money. Nathan refuses and feels it's time for Amy to tell the world the truth about Ask Man Landers. Amy opens up the waterworks, so Nathan finally agrees.  

Oscar apologizes to Josslyn, who warns him not to challenge Sonny again.  

Carly tells Sonny about running into Nelle and how she played it cool. Sonny tells her about Jax's situation and Carly thanks him. Sonny says he met Oscar and that he's a good guy. Carly is not happy about Oscar because he's a bad influence on Josslyn, and she's not having it.  

Bobbie tells Michael that she doesn't approve of his relationship with Nelle and that it's breaking Carly's heart. Michael points out that she and Carly are not saints and Nelle deserves a second chance.

 Bobbie calls Felicia and tells her to move forward. Felicia says she's going to start in Florida.  

Scott complains that he failed his father and took him for granted. Lucy tries to assure Scott that Lee loved him. Lucy says Scott made his mistakes, but was a changed man after Serena was born. She knows Lee forgave Scott. Scott has a flashback of him and Lee.  

Serena arrives and is reunited with Lucy and Scott.  

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