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Everybody Run, Steffy's Got a Gun on The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Quinn calls and tells Steffy at Forrester. She wants to know if she's seen Eric. She tells Steffy that he took off with Sheila.

Eric wakes up and finds Sheila in his room. She tells Eric that his cheating wife doesn't like her too much. She promises she didn't tell Quinn where he was.

Caroline tells Thomas that she misses their family being together. Thomas reminds her they're not together. He tells her that he would love it if she came back to LA. Caroline tells him she thinks they can make it work.

At the house, Steffy and Liam want to know what happened with Eric. Quinn admits they were fighting and he left the night before. She tells them that Sheila came by the house for his medications.

Thomas and Caroline talk about their relationship. She tells him she missed him being around. Sally's presence prodded Caroline into action. As Thomas touches Caroline's face, Sally comes through the unlocked door. 

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Sheila tells Eric she tried to avoid fighting with Quinn. Sheila is trying to change and do things for the better. He tells her he needs time and they won't amount to anything. She is ready and willing to help.

Liam doesn't understand the concept that Sheila is dangerous. Quinn isn't sure, but she thinks Sheila is carrying a gun. Quinn goes to Forrester to see if someone has heard from Eric. Liam tries to track Eric's phone from Quinn's computer. Steffy returns from upstairs with Granny's gun. The computer bleeps with a location, and they run out the door.

Sally wonders if Caroline is almost ready to go home. Caroline says she's in no hurry to leave. Sally admits to Thomas that it's hard to be around Caroline. Thomas tells her Caroline will be in his life. He reassures Sally he's with her.

Steffy and Liam knock on Eric's door. She's shocked to see Sheila there. She tells Steffy that Eric doesn't want to see his family. She tells them to leave, NOW! Steffy wants to know what's going on. Eric pipes up that it's personal. Eric tells them to ask Ridge.

Sheila takes Steffy's arm to escort her out. Steffy and Liam shake her off. Sheila goes to her bag to show Steffy why she's there. Liam shouts that she has a gun. As Sheila pulls out a pill bottle, Steffy takes aim and pops Sheila in the arm.

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