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Perkie's Observations: Serena Comes Home to Help Scott on General Hospital

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Kin Shriner, Carly Schroeder

Kin Shriner, Carly Schroeder

Scott's thrilled to see Serena. She explains how she was there when Lee died. Scott regrets not being there when his father needed him.

Alexis meets with Valentin and tells him that he's being sued. Spencer's bringing a civil lawsuit against him for Nikolas' wrongful death. Valentin claims it was self-defense, and there is no proof and no body.

Valentin says the estate is his and Spencer has no claim. He feels the lawsuit is baseless. He thinks Alexis is going to traumatize Spencer by putting him through this. Alexis reminds him that Ava is a witness. Valentin says again that there's no body and no way to know if Nikolas is actually dead.

Alexis is certain that she can get a jury to see things her way. Valentin warns that he'll have his lawyers make Nikolas look bad. Alexis is determined to help Spencer win this.

Amy wears an earpiece to help Nathan through his podcast interview. The interviewer gets a little personal with his questions, which Nathan doesn't appreciate. Later, the interviewer tells Nathan that the podcast was such a success, he'll be a regular.

Laura reprimands Spencer for threatening violence against Valentin. He apologizes and says he's found another way. Spencer explains that he hired Alexis to sue Valentin. Laura likes the idea, but points out that a lawsuit takes a long time.

Sonny tells Kiki that he now has full legal custody of Avery. Kiki understands, but feels this will break Ava's heart. Sonny doesn't really give a crap. Since today is Kiki's day to be Sonny's butt kisser, she says Avery is better off with CarSon.

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Dante pays Ava a visit to see if she'll confess, which she won't. Dante then heads over to tell Sonny that the case against Ava is dead since everything is circumstantial. Dante says he can't find who sold Ava the lithium.

Sonny mentions Ava's confession, but Dante says he can't take that to court. He says they're dropping the case, which makes Sonny make some veiled threats against Ava. Dante warns him to back off Ava. Sonny admits that he's getting out of the business thanks to Carly, so he won't be doing anything to Ava.

Ava's surprised when Spencer pays a visit. He says he knows what she's going through. Ava says he reminds her of Nikolas, who was kind and brave. Spencer tells her about the lawsuit and Ava is happy that he's taking action. Spencer says he hopes she finds peace and gives her a hug.

Laura finds out about Lee's death. She pays a visit to extend her condolences to Scott and Serena. Scott complains that he never told his father he loved him, but Laura assures him that Lee knew.

Kiki decides it's a good idea to bring a two year old to see her mother wrapped in bandages. Avery gets scared of Ava, which upsets her. Ava tells Kiki never to bring Avery around again.

Valentin calls his lawyers to put a stop to the lawsuit, then decides he'll deal with Spencer himself.

Scott, Serena, and Lucy toast to Lee. RIP Peter Hansen.

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