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Eric and Sheila Dodge Steffy's Questions on The Bold and the Beautiful

John McCook, Kimberlin Brown

John McCook, Kimberlin Brown

Eric wants Steffy to call 9-1-1. Liam locks the door, then finds a bullet hole in the wall. He tells Steffy that she missed and not to call the police. Liam reaches into Sheila's purse and finds an electric razor. Sheila claims that it's just a flesh wound. Liam blames Quinn for telling them Sheila had a gun.

Quinn shows up at Forrester. Ridge worries about how much Steffy knows. He admits that Eric can't keep secrets very well. Ridge tells Quinn to give Sheila what she wants the next time she comes by.

Steffy apologizes to Sheila, who insists her wound isn't critical. Security men knock on the door. Liam lets them in and tells them they heard a gunshot. The men want to look in the bathroom.

Steffy blocks the view of the bullet hole. Sheila comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a robe. She takes Liam's lead and plays it off as a gunshot from another room. 

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Quinn wonders if they should call the police to file a missing persons report. Ridge doesn't think everyone needs to know their business. He tells her he can't explain what happened between them without it sounding like a lie. He advises her that Steffy will put the details together.

Sheila and Eric explain why she's there. Despite his insistence there's nothing going on, Steffy wonders why he's not at home. She says that nothing makes sense and wants answers since she shot someone to help him out. Sheila insists their meeting at the hotel is by chance.

Ridge barks that he doesn't like Quinn's designs. She senses that he is having trouble being mad at her. Ridge is upset because he knows he will have to face his daughter.

Eric tells Steffy he chooses not to go home. She presses him about his argument. He tells him she just wants some space. Liam wonders if Quinn showed her true colors. Eric wants them to swear they won't tell anyone where he is. Steffy wants to know what's going on. Eric tells them he trusts them. They agree and leave.

Sheila tells Eric that Steffy loves him. He says he knows Steffy will go to Ridge. Eric apologizes to Sheila. She tells him she's been through worse. He thinks she may be a better person for it. Eric helps him change her dressing. She tells him he likes the beard. They talk about Quinn and Ridge. Sheila adds that Eric doesn't deserve the treatment he got from them. 

Steffy comes into the office. She pours herself a drink. She brings up Eric's disappearance and questions why Ridge didn't file a missing persons. Ridge admits they had a disagreement. Steffy wants to know why. She asks him point blank if he had an affair with Quinn.