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Quinn Pleads Her Case on The Bold and the Beautiful

Rena Sofer

Rena Sofer

Steffy is giving a death stare to Quinn's portrait. Quinn walks in. Steffy asks, "How could you?" Quinn wants to know if Eric was the one who told her. Quinn demands to know where Eric is. Steffy says she wouldn't tell her if she knew.

Patrice tells Ridge that Monte Carlo is all set, but Bill isn't thrilled with Thomas being there. She's afraid Bill will pull the plug on the event because Thomas won't back out. Katie and Brooke come in. Patrice asks if Ridge could talk to Bill.

Thomas tells Bill that he is taking care of his responsibilities. Bill goes off about how Thomas is screwing up "the plan" by dating trailer trash and crashing his event. Sally is lurking in the dress racks listening. She eventually leaves.

Patrice leaves the office. Brooke can see Ridge is distracted. He tells them that Steffy and Eric know what happened.

Thomas tells Bill that Caroline had her chance, but she wasn't interested. He will take care of Douglas, but he is with Sally. Thomas tells Bill that as newcomers, he and Sally will make a big splash in Monaco. Thomas adds if he has plans to ruin them, it will blow up in his face. Bill tells Thomas he showed off the stones he wanted to see. Stones with no substance though.

Sally meets Caroline at Il Giardino. Sally tells her that it's over between them. Caroline replies that she wants to keep her family together. Sally deduces that she wants Tommy boy to go to New York. Caroline thinks that both parents need to be together. Sally knows Steffy called her and drags her for trying to luring Thomas away. Sally is not giving up without a fight. She tells Caroline they are the real deal before she walks out.

Steffy admits to Quinn that she warmed up to the fact that her grandfather loved her. Quinn says she lost the love of her life. She apologizes to Steffy. Steffy tells her the portrait doesn't belong there. If she has any decency, Quinn would leave the house.

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Quinn tells Steffy it was just a few kisses. She says it was wrong and she feels bad. She claims it's over and it won't happen again. Steffy wonders when she started to feel regret. She admits she's deeply disappointed in her father, but not surprised by Quinn. Quinn says it was a mistake and if they could take it back, they would. 

Bill tells Thomas that he has one chance to redeem himself, but not with Spectra's legacy. He reminds him that Sally's legacy is thievery that cost his family millions. 

Sally comes back to Spectra. Sally tells him Caroline and Bill are working together. Thomas points out that nothing kills a relationship faster than jealously and insecurity. He commits to being there for her.

Caroline and Bill exchange notes. Bill thinks he got through to Thomas and in the long run, he will come around. He tells Caroline her happiness is his priority.

Ridge complains to Brooke that he lost her, his father, and Steffy.

Quinn begs Steffy to help her get Eric back so she can make it up to him. She wants her to do it for Eric, not for her.

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