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Thomas and Ridge Take a Beating on The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Thorsten Kaye, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Quinn unlocks the front door at the house. Someone is walking around with a handgun. 

Caroline and Douglas are visiting with Bill at his office. Caroline tells Bill she blew it with Thomas when she had the chance. Bill isn't concerned about Thomas and Sally's future. Caroline asks if he is planning to help her.

Sally worries about the duel. She's concerned because she was sabotaged once by Bill and she doesn't put it past him to try it again. Thomas tells her it's worth the risk and he doesn't want to play it safe. Sally admits to Thomas it will take time getting used to Caroline and Douglas being in town. Thomas praises Caroline, then tells Sally he wants to go home to her at night.

Quinn walks in and jumps when she sees Liam with the handgun. He explains it's Steffy's and she only got it because Quinn said Sheila had a gun. She demands that Liam tell her where Eric and Sheila are.

Ridge admits to Steffy that Eric left because of him and Quinn. He tells her that it was just a few kisses, but Eric is upset because it was kept a secret for so long. Steffy gets mad at him for betraying his father.

Bill agrees to help Caroline. He says having her family together is important. Caroline says regrets not making a move in New York. Bill thinks her presence in Los Angeles will undermine Thomas' big plans.

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Liam tells Quinn he doesn't know anything. That doesn't keep him from asking why Eric left. Quinn whines that she messed up and probably doesn't deserve to be happy. She won't stop fighting for him. Liam tells her Steffy is with Ridge getting answers.

Steffy asks Ridge if Brooke knows and if that's why she called off the wedding. Ridge says he has no excuses and they hurt the people they love the most.

Bill waltzes into Spectra to look over his property. He asks Thomas if Spectra can really hang with the international powerhouses that go to the summit. Thomas says the challenge will change that viewpoint. Bill tells him he's only good at disappointing people like his family and Caroline. He says that Sally is a distraction. He adds that Thomas is a whiner with no stones and a lot of responsibilities. He thinks Thomas needs to re-evaluate his game plan.

Steffy thought that Ridge hated Quinn as much as she did. She wonders if it was revenge for getting the CE-O-no-she-better-don't job. He explains he was doing it to break them up. She asks if he has feelings for Quinn. 

Steffy says doesn't blame Eric for taking off. She can't imagine how he felt or how her mother felt every time he betrayed her. She says she knew Quinn would hurt Eric, but didn't expect it to be from him. Steffy tells him she loves him and looks up to him as a mentor, but right now can't even look at him.

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