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Perkie's Observations: Dante Arrests Valentin on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart, Ryan Paevey, Michelle Stafford, Dominic Zamprogna

James Patrick Stuart, Ryan Paevey, Michelle Stafford, Dominic Zamprogna

Josslyn tells Laura that Spencer has disappeared from the camp. Laura heads to the station to tell Dante. She explains that Spencer told Charlotte about Nikolas' death and that he is suing Valentin. Dante sends out an amber alert and puts officers on the case.

Valentin promises Charlotte that he's not leaving anytime soon and that she can come back to live at Wyndemere. She's still upset about what Spencer told her. Valentin says Spencer is lying and promises she won't need to see him again.

Julian heads over to Alexis' to ask her to be a witness for his defense. He wants her to tell the jury about evil sister Liv, but Alexis points out she didn't know the truth. Alexis is still angry that he knew Liv was dangerous, but didn't warn her.

Julian swears his sister would have killed everyone if he didn't do as she said. Julian pulls out the letter that he wrote to Alexis after he "died". The letter says he did everything to protect everyone. Alexis says the DA will tear her apart. Alexis gets a summons to testify for the prosecution.

Nina admits to Nathan that Valentin is trying to win her back and shows him the paperwork for the horse sanctuary in her name. Nathan reminds her that Valentin broke her heart and has done terrible things. Liesl shows up to talk to Nina.

Liesl is looking for a job now that she's been fired from the hospital. She wants to write medical reports for Crimson. Nina says it's not a good fit for her magazine, but promises to call around and find something for Liesl.

Monica lets Finn know that his latest drug test was negative and that he has been reinstated to the hospital. Griffin, Liz, and Hayden throw a party for Finn's return. Liz and Hayden make small talk about their happy lot in life.

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Finn thanks everyone for their support. Griffin toasts Finn as Liesl arrives. She thinks the party is for her. Hayden gets angry with Liesl, who warns that she won't stop practicing. She tells Finn that he deserves to lose everything. Later, Liesl does a background search on Hayden.

Nathan calls Nina and summons her to the station. There, he tells her that Spencer has disappeared and asks about her meetings with him. Nina explains that Spencer came to her office, then she ran into him at Wyndemere.

Dante asks Valentin to come to the station to answer questions. Laura takes charge of Charlotte. Charlotte tells Laura that her father promised she wouldn't have to see Spencer anymore.

Valentin admits to Dante that he was upset with Spencer because he hurt Charlotte, but swears he'd never hurt a child. Dante brings up the lawsuit, but Valentin counters that it's a baseless civil suit.

Dante feels Valentin wouldn't want a messy civil suit that implies he killed Nikolas while trying to get custody of Charlotte. Dante questions Nina about whether she believes Valentin is capable of getting rid of Spencer.

Nina says Spencer has taken off on his own before. Nathan gets a call that a witness saw Valentin dragging Spencer off. Valentin denies it and grabs his jacket. A note from a page from Hamlet that Spencer was working on falls out.

Dante places Valentin under arrest.

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