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Perkie's Observations: Laura Enlists Sonny's Help on General Hospital

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Genie Francis, Maurice Benard, Laura Wright

Genie Francis, Maurice Benard, Laura Wright

Laura heads over to Casa CarSon. She lets Sonny know that Spencer is missing and believes Valentin is responsible. Laura wants Sonny to use his connections to help find Spencer. Sonny makes a call and promises Laura that he'll do whatever it takes to bring Spencer home.

At the station, Valentin insists he didn't kidnap Spencer. He goes through the day's events, from offering Spencer the ring to Spencer upsetting Charlotte. Valentin continues to plead his innocence, but Dante puts him in the interrogation room for safe keeping.

Hayden gets angry when she finds Liesl hasn't left the building yet. Liesl claims she was only getting her things and accuses Hayden of ruining her life. Later, Liesl continues to try to find dirt on Hayden online. She finds an old wedding announcement about Rachel Berlin and calls her former fiancé.

Nina gets in to see Valentin and demands the truth. He swears he didn't kidnap or hurt Spencer. He natters on about how Nina made him a better person and if she looks deep into his eyes she'll see the truth. So of course, Nina decides to believe him.

Lucy shows Finn and Hayden a house. At first, Hayden's not a fan since it reminds her of houses past and who she used to be. After doing the nasty in the middle of this strange house, Fayden decide to buy it. I thought Nelle and Michael were boring, but these two are right up there. Also, Hayden's about eleventy months pregnant now. Shouldn't she be showing, even a tiny bit?

Sonny finds it ironic that at the moment he's deciding to get out of the business, someone needs him back in to help. Yep, that's irony for ya, or really bad writing. Josslyn shows up. She's upset because she was responsible for the campers and yet managed to lose Spencer.

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Sonny promises Josslyn that he'll do everything he can to find Spencer. Josslyn gets all wooby-eyed and happy that Sonny is going to help. Whoever had money on Josslyn forgiving Sonny within 3 weeks are getting their payday.

A witness comes in saying she saw Spencer get taken. Dante shows her a photo array and she picks out Valentin. Mrs. Goodwin then admits that her vision isn't great and that she's seen Valentin on the news before. Dante realizes she's not the most reliable witness, though Laura continues to insist Valentin is guilty.

Valentin tells Dante to charge him or release him. Nina swears for Valentin's innocence. Dante wonders about his alibi. Valentin says he was at the courthouse waiting for the custody order.

Nathan returns saying Valentin wasn't in chambers with his laywer and the judge. Valentin swears he was waiting outside and that cameras will show it. Nathan says there is time unaccounted for where he could have grabbed Spencer.

Dante has Valentin sent down to the holding cells. 

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