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Eric Has No Trouble Forgetting About Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful

John McCook, Kimberlin Brown

John McCook, Kimberlin Brown

Steffy is amazed that Quinn wants her help in getting Eric back. Quinn makes the same pleas and promises, then adds that Steffy won't regret it. Wyatt walks in looking for Eric. Steffy tells him he no longer lives there and to talk to Quinn. She leaves them alone.

Ridge tells Brooke he will fix his broken relationships. He's more concerned about Sheila, who he considers a danger. Brooke can't believe Sheila's back and hopes Eric isn't with her.

Sheila gives Eric instructions on how to take the pills he's been taking for several months. She offers her sympathy by bringing up all the things Quinn and Ridge did to him. She takes his hand.

Quinn evades Wyatt's questions with a self-induced pity party. Wyatt tries to make her feel better by saying she's not a monster or a bad person. Quinn admits she doesn't know where Eric is.

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Eric asks Sheila to leave him alone. Once she's in her own room, she spies Steffy knocking on his door. Steffy tells Eric that she's worried about him.

Ridge tells Brooke that Eric isn't happy with her because she kept quiet for so long. Brooke defends her position. Ridge promises to track him down and work things out.

Eric tells Steffy he doesn't want to see anyone. He admits he was happy and encouraged Ridge and Quinn's closeness. Steffy tells Eric that Quinn is a wreck, feels horrible, and still loves him.

Ridge comes home. Wyatt is looking for some straight answers. He wants to help out and be there for Eric if needed. Ridge tells him married people fight sometimes and they fix it. Wyatt leaves them alone. Quinn questions Ridge about Eric's whereabouts. Quinn stresses she loves Eric and won't lose him.

Steffy tells Eric she needs to be open-minded and fair. He says he needs time away. Steffy blathers on about how she didn't want them to get married, but learned to accept it. Eric asks for advice. Steffy says she can see he still loves Quinn. Before she leaves, Steffy warns Eric to keep Sheila away. Sheila watches Steffy leave and heads right over to Eric's.

Eric, who wanted to be alone, lets Sheila in. Eric tells her Steffy wants him nowhere near her. Oddly, he wonders if anyone has ever been loyal to him. He asks Sheila what the measuring stick is for loyalty. Eric thanks her for telling him the truth. Sheila approaches Eric and kisses him.