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Perkie's Observations: Ava Throws a Pity Party on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Carly and Bobbie discuss Spencer's disappearance and how Sonny is helping to find him. Talk turns to Josslyn and Carly, who complains about Oscar. Carly says she's not ready for the teen years with Josslyn. Bobbie tells her about the mistakes she made with Lucas. Carly needs to communicate and be Josslyn's safe place.

Sam hallucinates about Sonny again. She tells Jason that she's feeling better and thinks the iron pills are working. She wants to cancel the follow up appointment, but Jason feels they need to figure out what's going on.

Laura complains to Sonny that Valentin is denying everything, but he reassures her that he'll get the truth and deal with Valentin. Sonny warns Laura not to do anything rash.

Nathan questions Valentin, who continues to deny any knowledge of Spencer's whereabouts. Nathan's upset when Valentin makes bail and even more so when he finds out Nina's the one who posted it. Nina says she believes in Valentin, but isn't going back to him.

Sonny shows up at the penthouse, so Sam takes off as though he has cooties. I had to laugh at the disgusted look KeMo threw at Sonny as she was leaving. Sonny tells Jason that Spencer is missing and he needs to stop Valentin. Jason offers to take care of it as Sam eavesdrops at the door.

Ava, feeling sorry for herself, orders a box load of vodka for a pity party. Sam shows up looking for Julian and gets upset that he left Ava alone. Ava says she told Julian to leave. Sam mentions Avery and how she needs her mother, but Ava feels she's a monster and Avery is better off with Sonny.

Sam disagrees, which makes Ava wonder why she's suddenly anti-Sonny. Sam says children should be with their mothers and that Ava isn't a monster. She feels Ava has paid for her crimes whereas Sonny hasn't. Sam tells her to reclaim her life.

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Josslyn gets home and realizes Carly and Bobbie have been talking about her.

Nathan's not happy with Nina who believes in Valentin's innocence. He says Nina is wrong about her ex and that he won't be there to pick up the pieces the next time Nina gets her heart broken.

Laura catches up with Valentin on the pier and tells him that she'll get Spencer to drop the lawsuit and leave Port Charles if he tells her where the child is. Valentin swears he didn't take Spencer. Laura wonders why he's being so cruel and isn't sorry about killing Nikolas or taking Spencer.

When Valentin turns away, Laura hits him with a crowbar. Valentin gets angry with her. Jason sneaks up behind him and knocks him out. Jason tells Laura to leave and that he'll deal with Valentin.

Sam gets home and finds a note that Jason's gone out. She sees Sonny again so she pulls out her gun.

Sonny gets a photo of Spencer. 

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