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Bill Hatches a Plot on The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont, Pierson Fodé

Don Diamont, Pierson Fodé

Caroline is at Spencer with Bill and Steffy. She complains again that she should have tried harder to get Thomas back. She thanks them for her support before leaving. Bill declares that he will kick Sally out of her building and out of Thomas' life. Later at Forrester, Steffy and Caroline talk about the same thing.

At Spectra, Thomas and Sally are making out. They decide they need to focus on work and the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo. They are all up in their confident feelings.

Those feelings are running strong at Forrester as well. Wyatt puffs up Katie's ego. Brooke tells the crew that Quidge are working from home when RJ suggests a pool party to celebrate. Zende admits he is excited about his first show as a designer.

Grams and Saul think the collection needs some spicing up. They don't think their collection should be dull. She wants to know if Sally knows how to speak Monaco. Thomas gives his crew a pep talk, which includes a fascinating spiel on making and selling quality clothing.

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Brooke tells Katie she's impressed with her progress in her new job. She thinks that Katie should leave time open for dating and a social life. 

Steffy tells Bill that Sally is here to stay. Bill doesn't like her interference. They talk about how Thomas has turned all Spectra. Bill says they need to devise a plan. Bill worries that Sally will use Thomas as a stepladder to the top before dumping him. Steffy promises to help Bill, but doesn't expect things to change.

After Steffy leaves, Bill calls Thomas. He apologizes for their last meeting. Bill wants him to come to Spencer as soon as possible. On his way out, Thomas tells Sally that Bill can't come between them.

Katie and Wyatt are alone. They talk about how they've enjoyed working with each other on this project. She wants to know why he's staring and smiling at her like she's an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

Bill admits he doesn't understand what Thomas is doing. Thomas says he's heard enough. Bill tells him there's something he doesn't know about Caroline. Thomas tells him to stop making problems about his responsibilities with Caroline and Douglas.

Bill tries a different tack. He says he understands that Thomas didn't have a good role model with Ridge. He tells him he's learned the responsibility of family. Bill starts to get choked up when he brings up Caroline. He needs to tell Thomas something about her because he's Douglas' father. Thomas wants Bill to fill him in on what's happening. He tells Thomas that Caroline is dying.