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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Returns to Port Charles on General Hospital

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Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

Dante sends Nathan home to rest after a night of searching for Spencer. Valerie brings in Oscar, who found Spencer's post it notes in the parking lot. Valerie also found a partial footprint, so she and Dante focus their attention to the surveillance cameras.

Josslyn wants to help with the search, but Carly reminds her that the PCPD and Sonny's men are on the job. Carly wants to meet Oscar and has Josslyn invite him over.

Sonny gets a photo of Spencer and questions what the sender wants. The sender asks for $200,000 and to meet alone. When Sonny gets there, he gets shot. Since it's not my birthday or Christmas, it turns out that Sonny was wearing a vest. Also, it turns out the perpetrator is Garvey, who inexplicably got out of police custody.

Jason has Valentin tied up and is ready to torture the truth out of him. Valentin insists he didn't take Spencer and doesn't know where he is. Valentin swears he'd never hurt a child because he has too much to lose with Charlotte. Jason believes him and releases him.

Nathan heads to the Rib and runs into Mac. He explains that he's bought some frilly stuff for Felicia because he's trying to keep the fires burning. Mac gets a bit TMI seeing as he's talking to his son-in-law, but it turns out he's been getting advice from Man Landers. After Mac leaves, Maxie shows up.

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Oscar shows up, flowers in hand to meet Carly. He apologizes for the alcohol at the party and says a friend's cousin brought it. Carly points out that they are too young to be drinking, especially since Josslyn has only one kidney.

Oscar promises not to do it again and he doesn't want to lose Josslyn's friendship. Carly asks about his parents. Oscar says he's never met his father. Okay, who's putting money on Sonny, SBu's Jason, or Franco being the kid's father? Later, Carly tells Josslyn she can continue to see Oscar as a friend.

Sonny shoots Garvey, who then admits that he grabbed Spencer as payback. He says he has him stashed in an abandoned house on Porter Street.

Dante and Valerie watch the video footage and manage to figure out where the car that took Spencer was headed. Dante heads to the abandoned house on Porter Street. He finds out Spencer is gone, but his glasses are left behind.

Carly heads to Sonny's to tell him about Oscar. She finds Jason waiting for Sonny as well.

Sonny's ready to head over to find Spencer when Sam shows up. Sonny's confused when she pulls her gun on him. Sam says Jason isn't coming to help him and that Sonny will now die. So, tomorrow will be my birthday and Christmas!!