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Perkie's Observations: Sam Puts the Hurt on Sonny on General Hospital

Laura and Spencer are reunited.
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Kelly Monaco, Maurice Benard

Kelly Monaco, Maurice Benard

Sam declares that no one is safe around Sonny and she needs to take him out. She decides in order to save Scout and Danny, she needs to end things now. Sonny tells her not to do something she'll regret and claims she's family. Sam starts to lower the gun, then shoots Sonny in the leg.

Nathan and Maxie share a kiss. Nathan wonders if Maxie's back for good. It turns out she isn't. Maxie's still needed in Portland, and is on her way to Paris with a quick stop over in Port Charles.

The talk turns to Man Landers, as all conversations with Nathan do these days. Maxie claims he's overrated, though Nathan tries to defend the column. Nathan's about to tell her the truth when Mac and Felicia show up.

Laura heads to the station for an update. Dante says he had a lead. Spencer wasn't there, but his broken glasses were. Dante says there is no evidence that Valentin was responsible, despite Laura's claims that he's capable.

Nina and Anna run into each other. Nina immediately declares Valentin's innocence. Valentin shows up. He's beaten up and explains to Nina that he was questioned by Jason. Nina wants him to file a report with the police, but Valentin refuses. Anna saw him all roughed up and the police could revoke his bail and put him back in lockup.

Jason tells Carly that he doesn't believe Valentin was behind the kidnapping and that he has to look elsewhere. Carly feels like a hypocrite for wanting Sonny out of the mob, but needing it at times like these. Carly knows Sonny getting out will make a lot of people angry.

Nathan gets annoyed when Felicia and Mac fall all over Maxie. They look at photos of Georgie and monopolize her time. Anna arrives with news that Robin's in labor and she's heading to Berkeley shortly.

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Maxie finally steps up and says she wants alone time with her husband. The two head home for some quality time before Maxie has to leave. Maxie asks if he's thought about moving to Portland, but Nathan says he needs to stay to protect Nina from Valentin. They promise to continue to make things work, as Maxie heads out.

Nina and Valentin arrive at the station to make a statement. Laura gets upset and demands to know what he's done with Spencer. Valentin is taken into the interrogation room.

Spencer shows up, alive and well. He explains that he managed to stack books and climb out the window. He and Laura reunite. Valentin returns. Nina tells Spencer to tell everyone that Valentin was not responsible.

Diane shows up looking for Sonny. She's angry because Sonny promoted Max to interim manager until he can find someone to take over the business. Jason and Carly both swear they didn't know.

Diane says she can't stop Max, but worries that he'll get hurt. Jason assures her that Max is ready, then heads out. Diane says she made the decision to accept the bad with Max's job. She envies Carly. She points out that Sonny is getting out because of her and to make the most of it.

Sonny begs Sam not to do something she won't be able to take back. Sam kicks him into a hole and leaves him there.

Sam heads home. Jason wonders what's wrong with her. Sam says she did what she needed to do to protect them, then passes out. 

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