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Perkie's Observations: Laura Coaches Spencer on General Hospital

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Nicolas Bechtel, Genie Francis

Nicolas Bechtel, Genie Francis

Spencer accuses Valentin of kidnapping him, but Valentin claims he's lying. Spencer says he can prove it because he recognizes Valentin's expensive shoes.

Laura takes Spencer aside and asks for the truth. She says Valentin should only pay if he's guilty. She understands that Spencer wants justice, but they have to be certain because it means the real kidnapper is still out there.

Hayden stops by to see Liz and pulls out eleventy books on childcare. She's worried she's going to do everything wrong. Hayden wonders what Liz has done to be such a good mom. Liz is certain Hayden will be fine and that she's come a long way now that she's with Finn.

Finn and Griffin are bonding over ribs from The Rib. Liesl interrupts to snark about how awful Finn is and how all she wanted was what was best for the hospital. I'm sorry, but she's getting on my nerves with her nonsense.

Sam repeatedly tells Jason that the danger is over because she made sure they were safe. She faints again. Jason takes her to the hospital, where Finn and Griffin run tests.

Sonny comes to and calls out to Sam. He removes his shirt and uses it as a tourniquet. He spends twenty minutes trying unsuccessfully to get out of the hole.

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Liesl meets with Hayden's ex-husband Jarrett, who's suspicious of what she wants from him. Long story short, he and Rachel were married. He went to prison, then she divorced him. Liesl explains her vendetta against Finn and wants them to work together to get retribution. I'm not sure why I should care about Liesl, who was fired for cause, and some guy.

Nina wants the truth from Valentin, reminding him that he tried to grab Spencer once before. She wonders if he's been playing her all along. Valentin claims he's been better because of her.

Laura tells Spencer that by lying he would be as vengeful and spiteful as Valentin, and he needs to be better. Dante returns and Spencer admits that he never saw who took him because of the bag on his head.

Laura promises Spencer that they will never stop fighting for justice for Nikolas. Dante releases Valentin. Spencer declares to Valentin that he will do whatever it takes to make him pay.

Sam wakes up in the hospital. She has a vision of a bloody Sonny telling her that she'll never get rid of him. Sam screams, which brings Jason running. She says they aren't safe here and they need to go home.

Finn and Griffin get test results and Finn thinks he knows what's wrong with Sam.

Jason wonders what Sam has done. She's about to tell him, but she has a seizure.