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Ridge Finds Eric's Seedy Hideaway on The Bold and the Beautiful

John McCook, Kimberlin Brown, Thorsten Kaye

John McCook, Kimberlin Brown, Thorsten Kaye

Ridge begs Steffy to tell him where Eric is. Steffy blames Quidge for how Eric is acting. She confesses to Ridge that he shot Sheila.

Eric admits to Sheila that he misses his family, BUT doesn't want to see them. He doesn't believe anything Quidge will say. Eric is concerned about who he could trust.

Caroline is freaking out about Bill telling empty-headed Thomas (EHT) that she's dying. She tells Bill that she's not going along with his plan. Caroline is worried that EHT will spill the fake news to anyone who will listen. Bill tries to sell his snake oil, but Caroline isn't buying. Bill explains that he is doing what is necessary. 

Sally is so excited about their new prospects, but poor EHT is preoccupied with death. She wonders if Bill is going to throw a wrench into their plans. Sally is soooo grateful for EHT's support. Grams wants pictures and the scoop on everything that happens in Monte Carlo. Later, Sally and Grams talk about her relationship with EHT and the changes that are a-comin'. Sally's not worried her future, but Grams is.

Steffy tells Ridge everything that ha-happened at the hotel. Steffy says she's glad Sheila didn't turn her in when security came around. Ridge tells her that Sheila is just holding that trump card for the future. Ridge wonders if Steffy REALLY understands what danger Sheila can impart on the world. Steffy agrees to give out Eric's address.

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Sheila blathers on about the amazing coincidence that is the duo in the same hotel, on the same floor, at the same time. She keeps talking about how happy she is to be able to help him because she is sincere.

Ridge heads out to the hotel. Steffy worries that Ridge will blab that she told him where to find Eric. He tells her to go ahead to Monte Carlo. 

While Caroline and Bill are loudly arguing at Spencer, EHT walks in. He hears nothing of that was previously said. He approaches Caroline and says he's sorry (I guess because she's dying?). Caroline tries to put him off, but EHT wonders what his and Douglas' life will be like without her. Caroline quickly falls into Bill's trap.

Eric tells Sheila that Quidge was having an affair, though he denied that yesterday. He is struggling with his paranoia about them doing the nasty everywhere and making fun of him behind his back. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. It's Ridge. Eric opens the door.

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