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Perkie's Observations: Garvey Grabs Liz on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Rick Ravanello

Rebecca Herbst, Rick Ravanello

Jason calls out to the doctors as Sam convulses. Finn tells him that the results show Sam has toxoplasmosis, a brain parasite. Finn says they can treat her, but wonders how long she's been infected. Finn explains that it can be passed to the baby in utero and that Scout could also be sick.

Curtis is picking up Stella, who's ready to be discharged. She mentions Jordan, so Curtis tells her that they've gone their separate ways. Stella's quick to be a biatch about it. Curtis shuts her down and tells her that he still cares for Jordan and doesn't appreciate the bad mouthing.

Jordan gets a call from the Feds that Garvey has escaped and is likely on his way to Port Charles. She tells Dante, who decides to find Sonny and warn him.

Michael shows up at the house, looking for Sonny. He tells Carly that Sonny missed a meeting with him. Carly starts to worry, then tells Michael about Max temporarily taking over the business. She says Sonny is determined not to let violence touch them again.

Garvey shows up at the hole, and sneers at Sonny down below. Sonny tries to make a deal. He asks for help getting out of the hole in exchange for Garvey's life. Why he thought Garvey would take that deal is beyond me. Garvey not only leaves Sonny in the hole, but covers it with pieces of wood so no one can see him.

Hayden runs into Curtis, who introduces her to Stella. Hayden tells Curtis about house hunting with Finn. Curtis wonders if the next step is marriage, something Liz said to Hayden earlier.

Hayden mentions that Finn was married once before and his wife is a hard act to follow. Curtis reassures her that with the baby, she and Finn will have a life together.

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Jordan stops by the hospital to give Stella Curtis' keys. Stella says she wants them to remain civil for TJ's sake, but then gloats that Curtis dumped Jordan. Jordan says it was mutual.

Dante stops by the house looking for Sonny. He tells Carly and Michael that Garvey is on his way. Carly says she hasn't heard from Sonny all day. Dante promises to put police cars at of both their houses.

Finn tells Jason that they need to get the baby tested. He says the disease is much worse for a baby. Jason says she's with Alexis, so Griffin makes arrangements to get Scout to the hospital.

Carly calls Jason and tells him that Garvey is on the loose. Jason tells her that Sam and Scout are very sick. Carly decides to head to the hospital to be with Jason despite Dante's warnings about Garvey.

Jason sits with Sam and promises to make things better. Sam wakes up and sees Hallucination Sonny.

Liz is walking in the hospital garage and is grabbed by Garvey. He tells her that he needs drugs and wants her to patch him up. Carly shows up at that moment. 

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