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Steve Fights For His Sweetness on Days of Our Lives

Mary Beth Evans

Mary Beth Evans

The hospital board suspends Kayla and wants her office cleared out pronto. Steve wants to use her computer to prove that someone is setting her up.

Ubër-sweaty bros Tripp and Joey come home from a steamy run. Jade texts Tripp to see if their plan is still on track. Joey insists he's not mad that Tripp talks to her.

Chad tells Gabi that he's taking his wedding ring to a jeweler to get it appraised. He assures her that they are together and there's no reason to keep it.

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Andre and Abigail try to think of a way to get Theo's computer back. She tells him that Dario is blackmailing her into going into the witness protection program. He promises to take care of Abe.

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