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Eric and Quinn Reflect on Their Crumbling Relationship on The Bold and the Beautiful

John McCook, Rena Sofer

John McCook, Rena Sofer

On the plane, Bill says he should have invited Caroline to join them. Sally glares at him. Katie rattles off a checklist of things that need to be done. Bill is excited about the fashion challenge and the publicity it's generating. Bill and Brooke want to toast Wyatt and Katie for their efforts.

Quinn is still trying to get Eric on his cell phone. Ridge walks into the house. She rattles off all these ideas to find Eric, but Ridge stops her. He tells her he knows where Eric is because of Steffy and Liam.

Eric checks his messages. There's a knock at the door. It's Sheila with dinner. Although she doesn't want to impose, she accepts his offer to stay. Sheila admits she learned to curb her impulses and be a better person in prison. She says she can now give love freely without expectation. Eric takes her hands in his. He is grateful for her newly found honesty.

Ridge fills Quinn in on Eric's status. He informs her that he's at a hotel with Sheila, but not in the same room. He tells Quinn Eric doesn't want to see her. She worries that he's been gone too long and could slip away.

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Thomas approaches Bill and asks if Caroline is really dying. He says it doesn't make sense. Bill tells him to get it together and figure it out. At the same time, Steffy engages in some verbal sparring with Sally. Bill goes on a diatribe about Caroline, Thomas, and Douglas. He blathers on about family coming first, as if Sally isn't sitting there.

After dinner, Eric rehashes Quidge's affair with Sheila. Sheila supports his feelings. She talks about what their kiss meant to her. He tells her he's tired, so she leaves.

After Ridge leaves, Quinn stares at her portrait remembering Eric's proposal. Eric stares at his empty hotel room. 

In Monte Carlo, Zende and Nicole join the rest of the crew. Nicole's excited for Zende's first show as a designer. Steffy declares the games open and wishes for the best fashion house to win.

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