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Perkie's Observations: Sam Slips Into a Coma on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Alexis and Kristina bring Scout into the hospital. She gets checked out by the pediatrician. Griffin and Finn question Alexis about Sam's symptoms. Griffin says it's affecting Sam's neurological function and says she has inflammation of the brain.

Sam wakes up and sees Sonny and tells Jason that "he" is right behind him, but Jason sees nothing. Sam passes out again and Jason calls out to everyone and tells them that she was hallucinating.

Carly tells Garvey to let Liz go, but he stills wants Liz to get him some supplies to help him. Carly sees that he's been shot and demands to know what he did to Sonny. Garvey tells Carly to get him the supplies he needs. Liz gives her the keys to the drug room. When Garvey lets down his guard, Carly grabs him and tells Liz to get security.

Scott tells Julian that he might be able to win his case. He says the prosecution only has Alexis as a witness. Scott thinks he can get her to admit that Liv was behind everything and was threatening Julian. Julian feels this could be a fresh start for him and Alexis. Scott tells him not to blow it.

Sonny lies in the pit talking about all of his kids and their virtues that make them like him.

Josslyn and Oscar celebrate Spencer's safe return. He wants to take her somewhere special. Josslyn agrees, as long as their only gone one hour so she doesn't get into more trouble. The two end up at the construction site. Despite being mere feet from the pit, they don't hear Sonny and he doesn't hear them.

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Alexis sends Julian a text about Sam and heads straight to the hospital.

Kristina says Scout passed all of her tests. Finn tells them that Sam has lapsed into a coma. He adds since the baby isn't sick, Sam would have contracted the disease when her immune system was compromised.

Jason realizes that it happened the night of Scout's birth in the dirty reservoir. He blames Julian. Kristina is not happy to see Julian. She tells him to leave and not come back, or she'll stop him.

Jason warns Alexis to get rid of Julian. Alexis tells Julian to leave because Sam wouldn't want him there and he needs to respect that.

Jason sits with Sam and begs her not to give up because he can't live without her.

Carly demands answers from Garvey, who says he killed Sonny. 

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