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Bill Pulls a Fast One at the Fashion Challenge on The Bold and the Beautiful

Rome Flynn, Pierson Fodé

Rome Flynn, Pierson Fodé

Bill pulls out some fake money with his face on it and the words, "In Bill we trust." Brooke giggles at his sense of humor. He tells her he will raise money for charities by handing them out to encourage spending.

Sally approaches Bill at the Spencer Summit. She's impressed by his yacht and tells him she could get used to this life. He tries to brush her off by telling her not to. She says she doesn't want him to pull any dirty tricks. 

Caroline calls Bill and leaves a message that she's on board for getting Thomas back, but she won't go along with his lie.

Bill goes to Steffy. She warns him to keep the competition clean. He whines that Thomas left Caroline and Douglas so he doesn't care what happens. Later, Wyatt gives him the same message.

Lizzy has a fever and Maya refuses to leave her. Rick tells her that he will tell Katie to find a replacement. The doctor tells Maya that Lizzy is okay. He wonders why she gave up modeling for a small fever, disappointing so many of her fans. He tells Rick in French that Maya is breathtaking.

Steffy kicks off the fashion show. Brooke models first for Forrester. The models do their thang. People vote on their phones for which fashion house they like better. Nicole models a swimsuit Zende designed.

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Bill has a daydream that he is at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for his new tower. He glares at Sally and Thomas. Steffy approaches Thomas and admits that he has really good designs and that the publicity will be good for them. Forlorn Thomas wonders if publicity is really worth it in the end. She tells him not to worry about Douglas now.

Brooke tells Katie how impressed she is with her work for the Summit. She deflects some credit to Wyatt, but Brooke won't have it.

Sally is pumped by the response to their designs, but shirtless Thomas just can't get Bill's words out of his mind. Shirtless Thomas and shirtless Zende take the stage to kick off the men's swimsuit line. Even more shirtless men walk the runway. Steffy and Sally model the showstoppers.

Bill compliments Thomas on his work. Then, he tells him it's time to be a man and step up. He tells Thomas that he's needed in New York.

Katie invites Bill up to the stage to announce the winner. He sees on his phone that it says Spectra. Bill lies and says that he and the children who benefit from his charities won. He tells the audience that no votes were actually counted. He says that they raised $1.1 million. 

Away from the crowd, Katie and Wyatt celebrate their success. He gets a wee carried away and kisses her. She pulls back, but only for a second.

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