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Perkie's Observations: Carly Confronts Garvey on General Hospital

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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Jason waits while Sam's taken for more tests. He overhears Griffin tell Finn that the longer she spends in a coma, the greater the odds are against her. Jason wants to know what he's not being told, but both doctors say they would only be speculating until more results come in.

Hayden decides to take another look at the house. Finn meets her there. Hayden mentions that she's been thinking about marriage. Finn is surprised, saying he didn't think she wanted to get married. Finn says she saved him and accepts her proposal.

Jarrett meets with Liesl to tell her that he's not interested in her schemes. She shows him more information on how Hayden's been living it up while he was in prison. Jarrett has a moment, but then says he's cutting all ties and leaves. Liesl is not ready to give up.

Nina returns to the station to get her bail money back. She's cold to Nathan for giving up on her. Nathan says he doesn't want to see her get hurt again. Valentin shows up demanding to know if they've found the kidnapper. He's upset that he's still a person of interest.

Garvey is brought into the hospital. Carly tells Dante that Garvey knows where Sonny is. Garvey passes out and is taken to surgery before he can say anything. Liz mentions a white car in the parking lot. Dante has one of his men check it out. He finds out that Garvey's car was the one used to kidnap Spencer.

Dante tells Carly that Spencer was taken as bait to set a trap for Sonny. Carly wonders where Sonny would have crossed paths with Garvey and says he's untraceable. Dante promises that he'll get Garvey to talk.

Jason demands answers from Griffin. He tells him that Sam is a fighter who would do anything for those she loves. He wants to know if Griffin can help her. Griffin says he needs Sam to regain consciousness and suggests Jason take a break. Jason says he's not leaving until Sam wakes up.

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Nathan gets the call from Dante and tells Valentin that they know who abducted Spencer. Valentin insists on knowing who, but Nathan says he won't release the name of a suspect. Valentin wants a public apology, but Nathan isn't having it.

Nathan warns Valentin not to worm his way back into Nina's life. Valentin says if he gets Nina back, he'll do everything he can to keep her happy.

Nina runs into Liesl. Something she says sparks Nina to find Valentin and apologize for Nathan. The two kiss. Valentin wants her to come back to him, but Nina just walks away.

Carly finally gets to Jason and the two share a hug. Carly's certain Sonny's still alive and assures Jason that Sam will pull through. Jason wonders if anyone is answering his prayers.

Jarrett lets himself into the house to confront Hayden.

Liz tells Carly that Garvey is out of surgery. Carly pays him a visit and warns him that she'll cut off his drug supply if he doesn't tell her where Sonny is. Because someone who's escaped federal custody wouldn't have a boatload of cops sitting outside their door to prevent this.

Sonny starts giving up and begs God for his life. Ghost Stone shows up to keep him company. 

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