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Perkie's Observations: Hayden's Past Comes Back to Haunt Her on General Hospital

Sonny gets a post-mortem visit.
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Rebecca Budig

Rebecca Budig

Sonny is visited by the spirit of Stone and thinks his old friend is there to escort him to see Morgan. Remember Morgan? They barely mention him, really. Stone wonders about Sonny's other children, but he thinks they're better off without him. I know I am.

Jordan updates Dante that there is no sign of Sonny, no DNA in Garvey's car, and nothing to connect him to Sonny other than Spencer's abduction.

Carly demands answers from Garvey, warning him that Sonny's people (which at this point consists of Max, but yeah) will get to him. Dante comes in and sends Carly out. Dante demands to know where Sonny is. He offers Garvey a reduced sentence at a nicer prison. Garvey's monitors go off and the doctor says he needs to go back into surgery.

Jordan reassures Carly that the entire force is out searching for Sonny. Carly wonders what her motives are since she's usually out to arrest Sonny. Jordan says Sonny was kind to TJ and that it's personal to her.

Ava tells Julian about her visit with Sam and how she wasn't herself. Julian tells her that Sam is in the hospital and possibly dying of 'birthing through your jeans' disease, otherwise known as toxo-denim-plasmosis.

Finn runs into Curtis. He tells him about the engagement and how Hayden beat him to the proposal. Curtis offers his congratulations. He gives Finn a warning about how easy it is to relapse, and that he needs to stay in control of his addiction.

Curtis mentions that things are done with Jordan because of Aunt Stella's health. Finn tells him that Jordan didn't cause the stroke, even though stress may have. He tells Curtis not to let his aunt stand in his way of Jordan.

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Hayden's shocked to see Jarrett out of jail. He explains that he got an early parole. Hayden says they have nothing to discuss. He reminds her that he took the fall for her and she owes him.

Hayden says she no longer has her fortune and has nothing to give. Jarrett reminds her that she drove drunk one night and killed a young girl. Hayden gets upset by the memory. She points out that he took the fall in exchange for money. Jarrett, maybe if you were smarter, you wouldn't have taken the fall or demanded the money beforehand. Jarrett tells her to pay him or he'll tell Finn all about it.

Finn gets back to the house and proposes to Hayden. She hesitates at first, then says yes.

Josslyn heads to Casa Corinthos. She's annoyed that her mother blew her off and is certain that Carly is hanging out with Sonny. Michael tells her that Sonny is missing and in danger. Josslyn feels badly for being mean to Sonny.

Carly gets home and Josslyn apologizes to her. Dante gets there and tells them that they are searching the riverbank area. Carly wants to pray. They form a prayer circle. God rolls his eyes.

Sonny decides he wants to live. Stone tells him that the way out is above him, then he disappears. Sonny starts climbing up on barrels to get out...because a 50 year old man who's been bleeding to death for hours would have the strength. Sure. 

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