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Zende Comes to Maya's Defense on The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie and Wyatt get heated up on the dance floor.
Rome Flynn, Karla Mosley

Rome Flynn, Karla Mosley

At the party, Brooke tells Bill that Thomas went to New York to see Douglas. Katie is dodgy when Brooke asks where she and Wyatt disappeared to. Wyatt offers a toast for the successful event.

Zende and Maya are getting ready to head out. Rick has to get some work done and Nicole is playing with Lizzy. Maya and Zende join the party at the table. Zende does a shot of vodka whilst Maya goes for champagne. Wyatt tells Zende it won't be long before he starts seeing his designs in public. Brooke encourages Katie to dance. Wyatt takes her up on the offer.

Nicole tells Rick she is too tired to party and is worried that Lizzy's fever will come back. She calls Zende and tells him she's not coming. He's disappointed that she is not celebrating with him, but gets a bit miffed that she's also worried about Lizzy. He downs another shot and tells the crew Nicole isn't coming down to be with him. More toasts all around, including Bill gushing about Wyatt and Katie's teamwork.

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Nicole stares out the window complaining she may have let Zende down. She hopes he can still have a good time without her. Before she leaves Rick, she compliments Maya on how hard she works.

Katie and Wyatt get hot on the dance floor. She walks off and he follows her. Out of sight of the others, they kiss. Katie feels like they're doing something wrong, but Wyatt doesn't see the problem.

Brill are heated up and ready to leave. Brooke tells Bill that she has to find Katie and say goodbye to her. She heads toward the door and calls out her name, giving Wyatt and Katie time to pry themselves apart. After Brooke leaves, they discuss room arrangements. Katie tells him, "Not tonight."

Maya and Zende realize they've been left alone. Two men come into the private area and ask if she is Maya Avant. The mouthy one tries to inform Zende that she used to be a dude and looks so good they wouldn't have known. Zende tries to get them to leave, but he won't keep quiet. He says that she's out there in public, but doesn't understand why he can't ask questions. When Zende threatens physical force, they walk away. Maya thanks Zende for his support. She hugs him, then kisses his cheek. Katie Kravitz is looking on with curiosity.