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Perkie's Observations: Sam Regains Consciousness on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Today finally begins a new day in the land of Port Charles. For the first time in about two weeks, there is no sign of Sonny.

Michael's getting ready to head out to continue the search for Sonny. Nelle offers to go with him.

Jason talks to a comatose Sam about their life together with Danny and Scout. Sam wakes up. Jason tells her that she collapsed, but that she's going to be okay now.

Oscar stops by to see Josslyn. She explains about Sonny's disappearance. She has mixed feelings about him, but doesn't want anything bad to happen to him. Oscar understands that. He gives her a gift. It's a necklace he made with a bullet casing. Neither seem to be aware of what it really is.

Jarrett shows up at the hospital and tells Hayden she has to fix things. He's part of her life whether she likes it or not. He tells Hayden to do right by him.

Hayden runs into Finn. He got her an engagement ring with Tracy's help. Hayden spots Jarrett leaving. She tells Finn she's going to get the ring sized.

Hayden meets Jarrett at the house. He tells her she needs to make restitution for him sacrificing four years of his life and reputation for her. Hayden says she's grateful and offers to pull strings at ELQ to get him a job. Jarrett says no one will hire an ex-con. He wants money.

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Jarrett points to her ring. He tells her to pawn it for the money, but Hayden refuses. Jarrett tells her the only other option is to embezzle money from the hospital for him. Hayden refuses that as well, but Jarrett says he'll tell Finn the truth. He gives her one week to get the money.

Finn sits in his room talking to his dead wife about how his life has changed with Hayden. He burns his old letters from her to move on.

Griffin and Finn examine Sam. Griffin asks about her last memory. Sam remembers Sonny at the penthouse, but nothing after. Finn explains about the parasitic infection she has, and that it's being treated.

Jason thanks the doctors for saving Sam's life. He asks Griffin about her memory. Griffin is certain Sam will remember, but not to push her.

Sam is determined to get up and walk around. She and Jason walk the halls until she gets tired and wants to return to her room. Garvey is being wheeled by. The two see each other. He clearly recognizes her while Sam looks confused.

Josslyn heads over to Nelle's to show off her new necklace. Nelle shows the necklace to Michael, who tells Josslyn that it's a bullet casing.

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