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As the World Turns Alums Roerig and Magnussen Appear in Feature Films

Zach Roerig, Billy Magnussen

Zach Roerig, Billy Magnussen

It’s an As the World Turns, Casey Hughes kind of day. Zach Roerig will star in the Vietnam War film The Last Full Measure. He played the role of Tom and Margo's son from 2005-2007.

According to Deadline,

Based on the true story of a present-day cover-up investigation, the pic follows young Pentagon investigator Scott Huffman as he battles the political machine in Washington. As we are brought back to what happened in one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War through the eyes of the survivors, Huffman teams with the veterans of Operation Abilene to convince Congress to finally award the Medal of Honor to a courageous Air Force Pararescue Jumper Pitsenbarger, who saved many lives as his own was sacrificed.

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Billy Magnussen has had several successful stage roles on and off-Broadway. On August 25, he will appear in the film Birth of A Dragon. He stars as Steve McKee, opposite Philip Ng’s Bruce Lee. The film is inspired by the showdown between Lee and Kung fu master Wong Jack Man (Yu Xia). 

Watch the trailer below!