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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Makes an Offer to Ava on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart, Maura West

James Patrick Stuart, Maura West

Jason wants answers from Garvey, but he ends up dying. Sam has memories, but thinks they're just bad dreams. She tells Jason that she's all mixed up and feels she's missing something. She wonders about Sonny.

Carly finds Sonny, but the first part of the demolition topples what looks like cardboard down onto them. Dante stops the second part of the demolition and Sonny is taken to the hospital.

Valentin has an offer for Ava. If she withdraws her statement in the civil suit, he'll help her restore her face. Valentin explains about his past and that he had miracle workers that fixed him.

Valentin shows Ava a photo of what he used to look like and says the team that worked on him use cutting edge procedures not approved by the FDA. Valentin says he's concerned about Charlotte and wants the civil suit to go away.

Ava says Valentin shot Nikolas in cold blood and took him away from Spencer. She refuses to change her testimony against him.

Laura tells Spencer that he can't stay in PC. For his safety, he needs to go back to the boarding school in France. Spencer tearfully questions his grandmother's love for him. Laura says Valentin is dangerous and that Spencer is all she has left of Nikolas.

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Kevin feels it's in Spencer's best interest to go. Spencer says he'll be all alone. Laura says he's always in her heart and she want's to protect him. Kevin thinks Spencer going would honor his father's memory.

Spencer agrees to go. Laura and Kevin plan to go with him to help him get settled.

Sonny has the fastest surgery in history and of course, will make a full recovery. He is groggy when Carly and Dante check in on him.

Sam explains to Jason about the strange dreams she's having about Sonny. Jason wants her to forget about it and focus on getting better. Sam continues to insist that there's something about Sonny that's bothering her.

Jason stops by to see Sonny. Dante returns and tells them that Garvey's dead. Carly's not sad since Garvey shot Sonny. Sonny says Garvey's not the one that shot him.

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