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Perkie's Observations: Ava Tries to Help Sam with Her Memory on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, Maura West

Kelly Monaco, Maura West

Dante wants to get Sonny's version of events, but he's still a little groggy. Sonny says Garvey shot him first in the vest, then there was an exchange of fire between them. Sonny doesn't admit that Sam was the one who shot him.

Sam continues to have dreams about Sonny. Finn comes in and tells her that the antibiotics are working and that her lab results look good. Sam hopes this means she can go home soon. Finn says Griffin still needs to check her out as she may still be at risk mentally.

Sam wants answers, saying she needs to know what's real and what isn't. Finn says stress will make it worse. He tells her not to rush her recovery and to let her mind heal.

Kiki pays Ava a visit. She wants her mother to go to the hospital for a group therapy session. Ava refuses, saying it won't make her feel better. Kiki calls Griffin as reinforcement. When Griffin arrives, he says she can't lock herself away forever out of fear.

Ava says she got a good insurance settlement, which means she never has to leave if she doesn't want to. She feels everyone stares and pities her. She feels her soul can't be saved, but Griffin says the only unforgivable sin is despair.

Hayden pays her father a visit in jail to ask if he has any money left in the hedge fund. Raymond tells her that all the money is gone and wonders why she needs it. Hayden explains about her new life and that Jared is blackmailing her. Hayden doesn't want to syphon money from the hospital since it would betray Finn.

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Raymond tells her to call Jared's bluff, but Hayden is worried. Raymond tells her to either embezzle the money or come clean to Finn.

Sonny asks about Sam. Jason tells him about the hallucinations. Sonny wants to discuss something with Jason, but Felix sends everyone out of the room so he can rest. Carly's worried about Garvey's men coming after Sonny, but Jason reassures her.

Felix catches Sam trying to get out of bed. She got a text from Kristina about Sonny being shot and is looking for Jason. Felix reassures her that Sonny is recovering down the hall and that she should rest.

Griffin and Kiki take Ava to the hospital. She waits in the meeting room for others to join her. Sam finds Ava and asks about the day she was at her apartment. Ava says Sam wasn't herself that day that she sounded like she hated Sonny. Sam gets angry and says Ava doesn't know what she's talking about.

Jason asks Griffin if Sam has done something in her wacky state, can it happen again once she's cured. Griffin offers to run more tests.

Sonny wakes up to find Sam at his bedside, surprised that he's still alive.

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