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Cady McClain's Film Takes Home Award at SOHO International Film Festival

Soap queen celebrates female directors.
Cady McClain

Cady McClain

Daytime icon Cady McClain is a busy woman these days. The beloved All My Children and As the World Turns star has been pursuing her directing passion and it is paying off. McClain's documentary series Seeing is Believing: Women Direct recently took home the Audience Award for Best Feature at the SoHo International Film Festival.

McClain posted a message to fans on her official site and talked about the amazing reception her work is receiving.

To say my plate has been full would be a ridiculous understatement. But it has all been thrilling. To be able to continue to stretch and grow my vision and ability as a director has been worth every long day, even every new wrinkle on my forehead! I’m really excited about these next projects coming up. I have so much to share with you!

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Watch the trailer below!