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Charlie Gets Sheila's Message Loud and Clear on The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown, Dick Christie

Kimberlin Brown, Dick Christie

Eric tells Quinn he believes in her. She promises to not let him down again. Pam calls looking for Quinn. Eric tells her everything is fine and he's back home. He tells Pam that she needs to accept it. She admits she'd rather have Eric with Quinn than with Sheila.

Katie worries about getting caught with Wyatt. He claims he wouldn't care if someone did see them. Although Katie feels it's tempting, she finds it wrong on many levels. He tells her they are adults and they can do what they want with whom. Katie reminds him of the issues they face.

Charlie tells Sheila she's deluding herself if she thinks she will get a portrait. Sheila says she deserves one whether it hangs on the wall or not. Charlie reminds her that Quinn is pure evil, but Eric is married to her. Sheila believes that Quinn is getting the boot.

Quinn says she can breathe again. Eric plays the piano for her while she dances. Eric tells her to stop and he joins her. Quinn promises she will never give him a reason to leave ever again.

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Katie gets Wyatt to agree to slow down. She wants to label it, so calls them friends with benefits. She tells him she needs to analyze it and compartmentalize it. Wyatt thinks they should just be. After a minute, Katie decides it's time for her to have fun.

Pam calls Charlie. She tells him Eric and Quinn are back together. After he hangs up the call, Sheila tears up and wonders how Eric could go back to her. Charlie tries to explain that Eric's business isn't hers. She warns Charlie that he will expose her and take her down. She vows her portrait will hang on the wall. She threatens Charlie that if he tells anyone anything about her plans, he will hang too. 

While Eric and Quinn are making nice, thunder cracks. The portrait on the wall briefly changes from Quinn to Sheila.

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