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Former Soap Writer Pens Book on Comedy and Feminism

Author goes from soaps to book about comedy and feminism.
Anna Fields/Inklings Literary Agency

Anna Fields/Inklings Literary Agency

Anna Fields could possibly be the most accomplished former soap opera writer of all time; and I didn't even know who she was until she popped up on the Google Alert I still have set up for As The World Turns!


Fields, who wrote for both ATWT and One Life to Live, was recently interviewed by Paste Magazine about her new book The Girl in the Show: Three Generations of Comedy, Culture and Feminism. In the interview she revealed a career and life trajectory that would cause the average procrastinating writer to hide under the bed!

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Here's an excerpt:

I had an internship at As the World Turns and I showed that first play to a Creative Executive, and I ended up writing for Guiding Light until the Writer’s Strike happened in 2007. I couldn’t work for TV anymore, so I wrote a proposal for my first book Confessions of a Rebel Debutante and applied to law school at the same time. I figured one of those two things would work out—but they both did! I deferred law school to write the book, then took a semester off for the book tour, another semester off to write on One Life to Live , then I finished law school, wrote and produced two independent films (and a couple web series) and wrote briefly for Cartoon Network.

She finished law school amid writing for OLTL, Cartoon network and web series? I have to delete all my Facebook gaming apps today. Pick up a copy of Fields' new book at Amazon!