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Perkie's Observations: Monica Gives Olivia Guidance on General Hospital

Ned may see a future at ELQ.
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Leslie Charleson, Lisa LoCicero

Leslie Charleson, Lisa LoCicero

Sam says her mind is blurred and she's not sure what's real and what isn't. Sonny admits that she shot him. Sam doesn't understand why she would do that because she loves him and he's part of her family.

Sonny reassures her that her sickness was to blame and that she should be fine now. Sam wonders what else she's capable of. Sonny walks her through what happened and Sam remembers it all. She can't believe that she would let Sonny to die.

Hayden tells Finn that she got them tickets to Zanzibar, which leaves in two days. Finn wonders what's the rush is, but Hayden says it would be their last chance to get away before the baby. Finn doesn't think Monica will give him the time off. He decides it should be their honeymoon.

The Quartermaine cook gets upset when Olivia uses the kitchen. Monica tells her that the kitchen is off limits. Olivia says cooking is therapeutic for her. She worries that she'll never become a part of the family. Olivia says she feels like a guest, which Monica understands. Monica tells her to fight for her spot.

Joss tells Oscar that the necklace is from a bullet casing. Oscar wants her to keep it anyway, but keep it hidden from Carly. Oscar asks Joss on a date, but she hesitates.

Carly gets home. She reassures a worried Michael that Sonny is weak, but fine. She thanks Nelle for her help in showing her the bullet casing. Carly questions where it came from. Nelle lies and says a friend of her found it and turned it into a necklace.

After Nelle leaves, Carly tells Michael that she didn't buy the friend story. Michael convinces her that it's nothing to worry about.

Ned mentions to Dillon that Michael's having problems at ELQ. Dillon wonders if Ned wants to take Michael's job. Ned says he's only helping while Michael deals with Sonny. Dillon says the company is Ned's birthright. Ned tells Dillon that Michael won't just hand it over to him. He admits he would have to outmaneuver Michael.

Jared walks into Hayden's office. He introduces himself to Finn as someone else; someone who used to work with Rachel/Hayden. He thinks they should have dinner together, then Finn mentions the trip.

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After Finn leaves, Jared questions why Hayden doesn't just syphon off the money. He makes a cryptic remark about Finn not surviving this. Hayden questions his motives, but Jared mentions Finn's addiction and how this could cause him to relapse.

Sam doesn't understand what's happening to her. Sonny says she's not mentally ill, but she just has an infection that is now being treated. Sam says she needs to take responsibility. Jason arrives with Deanna to send her back to her room.

Jason asks Sonny if Sam shot him. Sonny admits that she did. He adds that Sam feels so guilty, she may confess to the police. Jason promises to make sure that doesn't happen. He mentions how Carly won't be in agreement. Sonny says he won't tell Carly.

Nelle runs into Joss as Oscar is leaving. Joss tells her that he asked her out. She likes him a lot, but worries about Carly. Nelle mentions someone she dated at the same age and wished someone had told her to slow down. Uh, I think I smell a Nelle baby somewhere out there.

Finn tells Monica that he and Hayden are getting married and asks for time off for the honeymoon. Monica agrees.

Olivia tells the boys that she fired the cook and is taking over the kitchen.

Hayden syphons money from the hospital.

Sam tells Jason that she needs to take responsibility for her actions. Jason says that won't help her and Sonny has forgiven her. 

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