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Sally Schools Liam About Caroline on The Bold and the Beautiful

Courtney Hope, Scott Clifton

Courtney Hope, Scott Clifton

Steffy and Liam are making out in the office when the clan walks in. Ridge announces that Eric and Quinn are back together. RJ asks what the problem was and Ridge tells him it's none of his business. RJ thinks Eric could leave again since he's done it once before. Ridge tells him he won't.

Sally tells the crew that Thomas is in New York with his son. Shirley wonders if there is more to it and is concerned that he is not there when they need to be working. Sally assures them Thomas is coming back eventually. She tells them Bill is no longer a threat.

Justin interrupts Bill's chat with Sky, his tower. Bill insists she will rise up on the Spectra property. Bill tells him without Thomas, Spectra will falter. He informs Justin that Thomas is in New York because Caroline is dying. He admits that he lied to Thomas. He tells Justin that a miracle cure could happen right after their reunion.

Shirley and Saul want to know why Thomas is gone. Saul claims they need him to prep for the next showing. Sally tells them they will do their best and he has faith in them. Shirley warns that their run of good luck could quickly come to an end.

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Liam arrives at Spectra to interview Sally. She boots the crew out so they can talk. Sally tells Liam they are happy with the outcome. She adds that when Thomas returns, the best Spectra collection will come out.

Thomas calls and interrupts the interview. Liam listens as Sally asks questions about his return. He is confident in her ability to carry out the collection on her own. She hangs up when Douglas calls out for him. Liam questions what is going on. Sally tells him she's designing the next showing.

Carter is spilling the tea about the fake divorce settlement that Eric set up. He fills them in on everything that happened. Brooke reminds everyone that they have all been on the receiving end of Eric's generosity.

Liam offers to go off the record. He asks her if she understands the enormity of Thomas' absence and that it could make or break the company. She tells him the public will understand under the circumstances.

Sally tells Liam they both know why Thomas isn't in Los Angeles and it has nothing to do with Douglas. She realizes Liam doesn't know about Caroline, so she fills him in. Liam falls into the pit of stupidity with Thomas.