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Perkie's Observations: The Noose Gets Tighter for Hayden on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Rebecca Budig

Rebecca Herbst, Rebecca Budig

Finn wants to discuss the wedding plans for "tomorrow", but finds Hayden distracted. She reassures him that she's not having second thoughts. Curtis runs into them and is invited to the wedding. Hayden gets a text from Jared and heads out.

Stella's waiting in the park for Curtis to pick up sandwiches when she hears some noise in the bushes. She finds a couple getting some loving. Valerie's running by and hears Stella's cries. It turns out that it's Felicia and Mac who want to spice things up.

Stella calls them perverts and wants to press charges for indecent exposure. Mac wants Valerie to let it go. Felicia wants her to call Nathan.

Maxie's back from Paris with a brief layover before heading back to Portland. Nathan gets the call and heads out with Maxie.

Kiki helps with an emergency case and catches Dr. Bensch's eye. He says he was impressed and recommends medical school. Kiki's surprised, but he thinks she could handle a fast track program.

Naxie are shocked when they get to the park and see that Felicia and Mac are the ones being frisky. Stella leaves, so Valerie lets them off with a warning. Maxie demands to know where they would have gotten an idea like this. She is not amused when Mac says they're getting advice from Man Landers.

Maxie complains about the blog and is surprised when Nathan defends it. Maxie mentions that she needs to catch her flight and thinks Nathan should go back to Portland with her. When Nathan leaves, Maxie calls someone and tells them that she wants to do an article to unmask Man Landers' identity.

Hayden meets with Jared, who demands his money. She says she needs to be smart because the hospital account is closely monitored. She doesn't want to arouse suspicions. Hayden says she created a dummy corporation and the money will be ready tomorrow.

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Finn asks Curtis to be his best man and he agrees. When Finn gets back to the hospital, he tells Liz about the wedding. Liz agrees to be there too.

Kiki tells Dillon about Dr. Bensch's claims that she should go to medical school. She's not certain that she has what it takes. Dillon believes she can do it and will support her.

Jordan's interviewing Dr. Bensch about a case. It turns out the two have a thing for old movies. He asks Jordan to join him for a movie. Jordan turns him down.

Stella runs into Valerie at Kelly's and the two make small talk until Stella gets personal about Valerie's love life. Stella invites Valerie to have coffee with her and her nephew, never saying Curtis' name.

Curtis comes across Hayden and Jared in the park. Jared claims he's an old friend of Hayden's, then heads off. Curtis realizes something is off and demands answers from Hayden. Hayden admits that her past is coming back to haunt her and that Jared wants to blow up her life.

Curtis says Jared will demand more money and for Hayden not to be a victim. He tells her to talk to Finn and take Jared's leverage away.

Liz sees Hayden is upset. Hayden says she's changed and isn't the same person she was when she came to town. Liz says she sees it and offers anything to help with the wedding. Hayden asks her to be her maid of honor and Liz agrees.

Liz gets a call for Hayden about some suspicious activity in the hospital account. 

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