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Caroline Wants to Pull the Plug on Bill's Scheme on The Bold and the Beautiful

Linsey Godfrey

Linsey Godfrey

Bill is insulted that Liam would accuse him of lying. Liam points out the timing of certain events, and tells Bill that autoimmune is not a diagnosis. He wants to call the doctor for details. When Liam asks him again about Caroline, Bill tells him the truth.

Steffy wants to know if Thomas is working long distance. She wonders why Sally is so calm about everything. Sally tells her that Thomas has faith in her, even if Steffy thinks she will fail.

At Forrester, Katie teases Wyatt about wanting to get to the benefits. She adds he may need to wait. Wyatt tells her he's not patient. Just then, Quinn pops in. Wyatt is happy that she and Eric worked things out. Quinn agrees that patience is overrated and grabbing life by, horns is the best approach.

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Quinn asks why Wyatt is there since Spencer is no longer needed for their work. He comments that he's there to help Katie with post production. Quinn notices he's being extra chipper. Katie and Quinn wonder if he's hanging around for no reason. Quinn takes off to work from home. Katie asks Wyatt how Quinn would feel if she found out they had an illicit flirtation. He promises not to tell. They kiss.

Steffy tells Sally that Bill and CJ want her land and will stop at nothing. She offers Sally a recommendation letter for fashion school. Steffy admits she's uneasy that Sally will return to her thieving ways. Sally tells her once and for all she will do the best she can. She reiterates that Thomas will come back to her.

Bill smacks the phone out of Liam's hand. He wants to call Caroline to find out why she's going along with Bill. Liam wonders how Steffy will react and what will happen when Caroline doesn't die. He tells him not to be an obstacle or he will remove him. They bicker about right and wrong. Bill gets serious and tells Liam directly that he doesn't want him to become his enemy. He loves him, but he will regret it. He embraces a shocked Liam.

Later, Caroline comes into Bill's office and tells him there is a crisis. (Keep in mind that Caroline flew to Los Angeles and told Thomas she was taking a train from New York to DC for a benefit.) She tells Bill that Thomas wants to spend as much time as possible with her before she dies. Bill thinks that's great. She tells him she won't go along with the lie, even if it means losing Thomas. She leaves.

At Forrester, Steffy and Liam talk about Thomas. He explains that Bill told Thomas that Caroline is dying, and that's why he left everyone and everything behind. Steffy, who has no reaction, doesn't think Thomas would fall for that. Liam tells her about Bill's plans for Spectra and Sky. Steffy hesitates when Liam says they need to call Thomas.