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Liam Confronts Bill on The Bold and The Beautiful

Scott Clifton, Don Diamont

Scott Clifton, Don Diamont

Liam can't comprehend Sally's news about Caroline. She admits she got the information from Thomas, and that's why he went back to New York. Sally talked about it because she thought he knew.

Bill explains to Justin that Thomas and Caroline's reunion means Sky will meet the sky. Bill speculates that Spectra will not take off without Thomas.

Steffy and Wyatt are catching up on Queric. To Steffy, Wyatt's smile means he has a woman in his life. He asks about Thomas and doesn't understand why he took off.

Brooke and Katie are chatting about Queric. Brooke wonders if Wyatt is happy about their reunion. She compliments them on their work in Monte Carlo. She needs to send him a wrap-up email, but Katie offers to take care of it in person.

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Steffy shows up at Spectra. She wonders why nothing is going on despite their recent success. She tells Sally it won't last and Thomas went to New York for Caroline. Sally admits that she doesn't like that Thomas is with Caroline, but understands why he is there. Steffy is surprised Sally is so understanding.

Liam goes to see Wyatt at Forrester. He asks Wyatt about Thomas ducking off to New York. Wyatt says he doesn't know anything out of the ordinary. Liam presses the issue. Wyatt says he didn't see much of Caroline while she was in town, but Bill probably did. Liam's wheels start spinning. Katie walks in and kills the buzz. Liam leaves. In the hallway, light dawns on Liam's marblehead.

Katie and Wyatt talk about how everyone can tell they are twitter-pated, but don't know with whom. They start making out in the office.

Bill is talking to Sky when Liam walks in. He's suspicious of Bill's behavior and wants to know what he's up to. Bill denies there's a problem. Bill talks about Thomas being where he belongs. Liam tells him about his conversation with Sally. He wants to know why Bill didn't tell him or Wyatt. Bill says Caroline wants her impending death to remain confidential. Liam questions the convenience of Thomas leaving, Spectra failing, and Sky reaching for the sky. He asks Bill flat out if Caroline is really dying.

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