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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Takes the Stand on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

Hayden takes the call from the bank. She surprises Liz and Finn when she mentions that she's changing suppliers. Off the phone she snaps at them both, then apologizes.

Kiki and Griffin stop by to take Ava out for lunch, but she doesn't want to go out in public. Griffin says she can't give up because she needs to learn how to manage living with her condition. Ava feels she's not ready for an outing, but the two convince her to go.

Scott crows to Julian that he got a bench trial for the sentencing hearing since a jury would hate him. He's worried about Alexis' testimony. Julian admits that Alexis wasn't happy with him after Sam was admitted to the hospital. Julian thinks he should enter a guilty plea, but Scott talks him out of it.

Molly and Kristina want to know what Alexis will be saying at Julian's hearing. Alexis says she'll be telling the truth, but Molly doesn't want her saving Julian. Kristina points out that they hate Julian for well, everything from Elvis' death to global warming.

Molly says Julian just dragged Alexis down. Alexis agrees, but still doesn't know how she feels about Julian. Kristina warns her not to damage her freshly minted law reputation or sobriety.

Charlotte worries about losing Wyndemere. Valentin tells her that despite Spencer's claims, the property belongs to them. Ava walks in. Charlotte sees her and reacts badly. Valentin admonishes her explaining that Ava was hurt very badly and Charlotte needs to make it right.

Ava's upset. She tells Kiki and Griffin that she's a freak who can't be fixed and leaves Kelly's. Charlotte follows her out and apologizes for her outburst. She hopes Ava will feel better soon. Valentin tells Ava that he can make arrangements to have things fixed, but Ava feels the price is too high.

Liz is concerned about Hayden, who admits she's worried everything will fall apart. Hayden says she's not who she used to be and just wants a happy life. Liz reassures her that everything will be fine.

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Finn stops by Hayden's office and spots the prison badge in the garbage. Hayden shows up. He questions her about visiting her father and not telling him. Hayden says she needed to make peace and do it on her own. She feels she needed closure before her wedding.

Finn wants no more secrets between them because he's there for her, and can handle anything. Liz drops by with a note that Jared dropped off for Hayden. Hayden gets angry when she reads it.

Alexis is called to testify. DA Campbell asks if she wants Julian to pay or go free. Alexis says she wants justice. The DA questions Liv as her sponsor. Julian found out, yet he helped conceal her identity.

DA Campbell pushes the issue that Julian could have come clean many times and warned everyone of Liv's presence, but didn't. Alexis tries to say that Liv was coercing him, but the DA pushes that everything could have been prevented. Eventually, Alexis agrees.

Molly's checking her school schedule and finds out that Parker will be teaching one of her classes.

Ava thanks Griffin and Kiki for dragging her out, but asks to be left alone. When they're gone, she takes out Valentin's card and keeps it. Kiki worries about her, but Griffin assures her that Ava is progressing.

Finn thanks Liz for being maid of honor. He adds that if it wasn't for her keeping his addiction a secret, there would be no wedding. Liz is happy to have him as a brother in law.

Hayden calls the bank to discuss the new account in the name of Rachel Berlin, which Finn overhears.

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