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Perkie's Observations: Sam Wants to Confess to Carly on General Hospital

Nathan and Dante grill Sonny.
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Laura Wright, Kelly Monaco

Laura Wright, Kelly Monaco

Sonny's waiting to be released and Carly wants him to start rehab on his leg right away. She mentions that she wants changes. Sonny reassures her that he's still getting out of the mob. Carly says she understands if he's having second thoughts, but Sonny is certain it will happen. Carly just wants total honesty from him.

Sam is still upset about shooting Sonny, and being capable of buying the gun and following him to the site. Jason says she wasn't in her right mind and it wasn't her fault. Sam wants to confess, but in the end Jason convinces her that it would make things worse.

Finn questions why Hayden would use her old name. Hayden tries very hard to cover, but Finn knows something is off. Hayden swears she was going to give the money back and actually reverses what she did with the accounts.

Finn wants to know why she would do it, so Hayden tells him about Jared. Finn questions why she didn't simply come to him. Hayden admits that she was worried that he would relapse. Finn swears he would have understood. Hayden brings up the perfect dead wife that can do no wrong. Finn is upset that Hayden couldn't turn to him and she storms off.

At the courthouse, Scott tries to steer Alexis in a different direction. Alexis recounts the night on the bridge when Liv ordered Julian to kill her. Instead, he set her free, saving her. Scott has her read Julian's letter. Scott asks if she's forgiven Julian. Alexis says no.

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Off the stand, Julian apologizes for Scott's questions and asks if Alexis can ever forgive him. Alexis can't commit to an answer.

Dante and Nathan discuss Sonny's shooting and how both guns are missing. They get the ballistics report and head over to the hospital for some questioning.

Sam's walking the halls and runs into Carly. She feels the need to unburden herself. She tells Carly that the infection affected her head and that she was scared for Jason all the time. Sam says she went off on Sonny and had to do something about it.

Dante and Nathan want answers from Sonny. Sonny explains everything up to Garvey shooting him in the vest. Then, he claims he has no other memory of that night. Nathan and Dante push, but Sonny's not talking. Dante tells him that the two bullets taken out of Sonny were from two different guns. Sonny still denies any knowledge.

Back at the station, Dante and Nathan know Sonny's hiding the identity of the third person and think that it's because Sonny wants to retaliate on his own.

Jason prevents Sam from telling Carly the truth. Carly wonders what Sam is so torn up about.