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Quinn and Sheila Tear Up the Forrester Living Room on The Bold and the Beautiful

Rena Sofer, Kimberlin Brown

Rena Sofer, Kimberlin Brown

Steffy worries that Thomas will leave Caroline and go back to Sally. She doesn't think she and Liam should interfere with Bill's plans. Steffy sees Sally as a con artist, a viewpoint Liam doesn't share. For now, he agrees to stay quiet.

Caroline tells Bill that Thomas didn't come back to her for the right reasons. She's going to end the charade today. Bill tells her to wait it out. Once Thomas is back in, he will stay once she's cured. Caroline wants it to stop before someone else figures it out. She suddenly understands it's too late. 

Sheila gets a call from Eric. He tells her he reunited with Quinn. He thinks it's best for her to stay away and move on. He asks about the gold watch. It's special because Stephanie gave it to him. She says housekeeping dropped it off with her. Eric tells Pam and Charlie that Sheila will be coming to Forrester to drop off his watch.

Sheila shows up at the Forrester house. She calls out for Eric and envisions her portrait over the fireplace. Quinn comes down the stairs and asks what she's doing there.

Bill claims Sally doesn't know the truth, but Liam figured it out. He tells Caroline if she blabs the now, Thomas will come back to Los Angeles. Caroline questions whether Bill has hidden plans. She glances at Sky. When she sees the address, she realizes that it's Spectra Fashions. Bill tells her that he got Thomas back to her, which is what she wanted. He says that Thomas is aware that Bill wants the property. He tells Caroline to go back to New York.

Eric wonders what's keeping Sheila. Charlie thinks Sheila went to the house instead and is concerned Quinn is alone with her. Eric leaves when he gets a text from Quinn that Sheila is at the house.

Quinn reminds Sheila about the restraining order and tells her to leave. Quinn explains that she and Eric are together. She adds that her pathetic attempt to split them up didn't work.

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Sheila says that Quinn's portrait doesn't deserve to be on the wall. Quinn wonders if hers does instead. Quinn tells her to leave the watch and go. 

Sheila turns away and her mask slips. She puts the watch on the table, pressing it into the glass. Quinn tells her to stay away from the family, then calls her a bitch. Sheila walks up to Quinn and says, "What did you call me?" Quinn replies, "I believe I called you a bitch, bitch."

Sheila lunges at Quinn. She pushes her back on a chair and slaps her face a few times. Sheila grabs her throat and tells her never to call her that again. Quinn gets leverage and throws Sheila off her. The two roll around on the floor. Quinn gets away and grabs a poker, and Sheila grabs some glass vases. She throws them at Quinn, who takes a swipe at her. Sheila gets the poker and starts swinging at Quinn.

Quinn falls back off a table, out of sight. Sheila turns toward the door. Quinn picks up a lamp. She launches it. It lands on a glass table, shattering it. She runs toward Sheila. She grabs the poker, bringing it to Sheila's neck from behind her. The two go back and forth trying to use the poker to choke one another. Sheila backs Quinn against the fireplace. She pushes the poker against Quinn's throat. She slowly falls to the floor and passes out. Sheila puts the poker back, and slowly backs away from Quinn.

As Sheila walks away, Quinn reaches for the tablet and throws it at the back of her head. She falls to the floor in a pile of glass and stained blood. Quinn slowly walks toward her. She calls out to Sheila, who is on her back. Quinn kicks her foot a few times, but she is not responding.

Eric walks in a goes straight to Sheila. She's bleeding from the back of her head. He looks at Quinn and accuses her of killing Sheila.

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