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Eric Makes an Unsettling Decision for Quinn on The Bold and The Beautiful

Bill makes CJ an offer he can't refuse.
Kimberlin Brown, John McCook, Rena Sofer

Kimberlin Brown, John McCook, Rena Sofer

Eric tells Quinn to call for help. Sheila slowly comes around while Quinn watches. Eric demands to know what happened.

Sally is sketching designs and asks Saul for his opinion. Saul tells her the sketches are great. He thinks they are so good they no longer need Thomas and can run Spectra alone moving forward. Shirley overhears him and disagrees.

Bill tells Justin his lie about Caroline is just business. He thinks Liam will blab to Steffy, who will appreciate it. CJ comes to see Bill, who wants to make a deal for the Spectra property.

Bill thinks CJ is wasting his time with Sally. CJ is okay for now because the rent is getting paid. Justin and Bill offer him an extra 5 million, tax-free dollars, ready to go into an offshore account.

Pam is concerned that Sheila went to the house. Charlie, Pam, and Brooke swap Sheila stories. Brooke claims she can't be trusted and doesn't believe she's changed.

Shirley wonders why Sally isn't concerned that Thomas won't come back. Darlita comes in with an article that is on the Spencer website that tells the world that Thomas is not working at Spectra. Spencer speculates that Spectra is in trouble.

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Quinn explains what happened and how she felt unsettled by Sheila just walking in the front door. Sheila adds that Quinn called her a bitch and told to never come back, which Quinn freely admits. Quinn points out that Sheila neglected to mention she started the fight.

Brooke pops in at Spencer. While Brill are kissing, Bill points out that Sky gets jealous. Brooke is confused until he explains about the two loves in his life.

CJ goes to Spectra. Despite their recent success, he tells them they need to vacate the building ASAP. Sally reminds CJ they have a deal. She tells him Thomas is on leave, but not working for anyone else. The team pipes up and tries to convince him to give them a chance to succeed. CJ declines and Sally calls him out on selling to Bill.

The doctor Eric called is concerned about Sheila's head injury. He wants her to get a CT scan. She tells him she's a nurse and can handle a concussion. Eric offers to take care of her since she can't be left alone and must be awakened every two hours. The doctor promises discretion and leaves.

Quinn tells Eric they can hire a nurse to watch her at her hotel. Eric snaps that he knows what he's doing. He turns around to Sheila and apologizes because she's been treated unfairly since she came back to LA. Quinn balks and reminds Eric he told them that when she's like this, she's at her most dangerous. Quinn begs him to reconsider and not let Sheila move in.

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