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Bill and Sky Suffer an Unexpected Setback on The Bold and the Beautiful

Sheila makes herself at home, despite Quinn's concerns.
Don Diamont

Don Diamont

Eric tells Quinn that Sheila has a concussion because of her. Sheila meekly tells them she just wants to go back to her hotel. Eric reminds her of the doctor's orders.

Brooke asks Bill if Thomas is getting back together with Caroline. He tells her and Liam that when Caroline sets her mind to something, she usually gets it. Bill tells them that Spectra is going down and Sky is going up.

Liam questions how that's possible when Spectra is riding high. Bill tells them what he offered CJ. Brooke comments that Bill is going to great lengths to get his building. Liam says she has no idea.

CJ tells Sally it's easier for him to let the dream go. Sally says she's not letting him sell. She wants one more chance, for his mother. He doesn't understand why Thomas left. She tells him he knows what he has to do.

Quinn is not happy when Eric declares that Sheila is staying until she recovers. He feels it's the right thing to do. Eric helps her settle into her room. Sheila thanks him and says that Quinn hates her. He admits that she feels threatened. He leaves her to go check on Quinn.

Sally tells the team about CJ. Shirley insists they get Thomas back if it can save them. Sally says that Thomas will come back when he's ready and they have to do the job themselves.

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Liam tells Bill that he told Steffy about Caroline. Bill says he knew she would be okay with the lie. CJ comes to Bill with the contract. He tells Bill that he's giving Sally time to show one more line. Bill scoffs at CJ's sense of loyalty to his family. He tells CJ to leave.

Eric finally asks Quinn if she's okay. Eric tells her he will take care of Sheila so she won't have to worry about it. He claims that he's seen the benefits of her extensive therapy, but will keep one eye open. Eric promises to handle it. When he leaves, Quinn says she will handle it first.

Bill and Sky stew over CJ's rejection. He declares that Caroline will not be cured so Thomas can't come back. At Spectra, the crew celebrates CJ's news.

Quinn goes to Sheila's room. She accuses Sheila of wanting to steal Eric and move in. Sheila reminds her she's already moved in. Quinn tells her she's not being replaced by her even though Eric is being nice. Quinn says she's dangerous, pathetic, and unwanted.

Sheila tells Quinn she will be watching her, especially when Ridge is around. Quinn says there's nothing to see. Sheila doesn't think Quinn will be able to get out of her own way and she will set herself up for destruction. Sheila threatens that she should not be underestimated...ever.

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