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Perkie's Observations: Ava Eases Griffin's Pain on General Hospital

Jason pilfers evidence from the PCPD.
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Matt Cohen, Maura West

Matt Cohen, Maura West

Everyone is ready for the annual Port Charles Symphony picnic in the park.

Alexis and Kristina make small talk about Julian's trial, and Kristina's courses at PCU. Alexis is glad that Kristina is getting a fresh start and leaving old baggage behind. The old baggage shows up when Parker runs into them. Alexis is not amused to find out that Parker will be teaching at PCU. She's less than thrilled that Molly has a class with her and Kristina didn't tell her.

Nelle gets a call to come to the station and answer questions about the bullet necklace. Oscar invites Joss to the concert in the park and calls it a date. The two run into Nelle and Michael. Michael tells Joss that she needs to step up and tell the truth because Nelle will be questioned.

Joss is worried that Carly will freak. Oscar steps up and says he'll go to the station with Nelle and confess that he found the shell casing. Michael tells Joss to confess to Carly.

Griffin stops by Ava's and asks her to join him at the picnic in the park. Ava complains that she scares everyone away. Griffin says her life isn't over and convinces her to go with him.

Dante gets a call that the vendor who sold the gun has been found. He gives Sonny one more chance to come clean, which Sonny doesn't. Dante is determined to find the shooter.

At the PCPD, Jason convinces Officer Extra that Sonny would appreciate a favor from him.

Sam has a nightmare that Carly knows the truth and rips her a new one. Sam wakes up to find Carly at her side, concerned for her. Carly says they're like family and that Sam can tell her anything. Jason arrives to stop Sam from confessing.

Back at the park, Griffin and Ava are enjoying their time together until Griffin gets stung by a bee. The two head back to Ava's. She explains that Kiki used to react to bee stings and she has a home remedy of lavender oil. Griffin takes off his shirt and she rubs the oil on him. Things get a wee bit hot between them. Me likey. It distracts me from the perfectly symmetrical line that the fire put down Ava's face.

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Alexis is angry with Parker for showing up in PC and teaching where Kristina is enrolled. She says Kristina is trying to put her life back together. Kristina interrupts, angry with her mother for butting in.

Kristina claims she can manage her own life and accuses Alexis of not trusting her. Alexis reminds her that she and Molly dumped all over her about Julian. Kristina says she's not a victim unlike her mother, so Alexis storms off. Kristina heads over to play nice with Parker because, well, stupidity runs in the Corinthos gene pool.

Carly tells Sonny about Sam's nightmare and doesn't understand Jason trying to isolate her. Sonny is about to say something when Joss and Michael show up. Joss admits that she and Oscar found the shell casing.

Carly is upset that they were hanging out at the construction site. She grounds her for a week for lying. At this point, I think Joss is grounded for the next eleventy seven weeks, though it's not like it's stopping her social life.

Carly worries to Sonny that Joss is turning out like her and rebelling. Carly wants to know what Sonny was going to tell her earlier, but he just says he wants to push back the physical therapy for a bit.

Sam tells Jason about her nightmare and how the guilt isn't going away. Jason tells her not to say anything until the investigation is closed. He wants her to heal and get home to the kids.

The gun vendor is brought into the PCPD. Dante wants to know who he sold the gun to. The vendor only admits that it was a woman before his lawyer shows up to shut it down.

Officer Desk Man tells Dante that the gun was taken from the evidence room. Dante can't understand how that would happen. I point out to Dante that the PCPD sucks really, really badly. The officer tells him that Jason was hanging around the station at that time.

Officer Extra hands Jason the gun. Jason tells him that Sonny is grateful. Jason wipes the gun and tosses it over the bridge. Hopefully, the gun won't contract toxoplasmosis while giving birth through it's pants. That ravine is riddled with the disease I hear. 

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