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Perkie's Observations: Liz Asks Franco to Move In on General Hospital

Spinelli agrees to help Maxie expose Man Landers.
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Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Liz believes Dr. Obrecht was involved in driving Hayden away. Franco asks Liesl. She pretty much admits that she did. She's glad that Hayden and Finn got what they deserved.

Finn wants Curtis to use his PI skills to find Hayden, but Curtis refuses. He feels it's Hayden's right to take off and that Finn finding her isn't what she'd want. Curtis feels Finn should respect Hayden's wishes, but Finn's determined to find her.

Anna's back in town with Emma showing Felicia and Mac photos of Robin's new baby, Noah Robert Scorpio-Drake. Mac hands Anna a hard drive full of Valentin's activities in her absence. Anna's surprised to see that Valentin paid the Jeromes a visit and wonders what business he'd had with Julian or Ava. Mac thinks Valentin has turned over a new leaf.

In Portland, Maxie and Spinelli discuss the possibility of Nathan moving to join her. Maxie feels Nathan doesn't want to leave Port Charles because he's worried about Nina. Spinelli thinks Nathan is jealous of him and his connection to Maxie via Georgie.

Talks turns to Man Landers as it always does. Maxie wants to expose him, while Spinelli loves the blog. Spinelli mentions how popular the blog is and that it's trending. Maxie decides she'll get Man Landers to work for her at her magazine instead. Spinelli agrees to help find out who he is.

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Amy's back in town. Nathan doesn't want her to ask him to continue with the advice column. Amy thinks Nathan enjoys dispensing advice and that he likes being undercover. Amy warns that Maxie can't find out, which Felicia overhears and questions.

Amy and Nathan cover their lie. Later, Amy tells Nathan not to let the truth out since it would mean she would lose the book deal and have to return the money. Amy and Nathan hug, which Felicia sees.

Liz accuses Dr. Obrecht of bringing Jared to town to mess with Hayden's life. Liesl doesn't deny it. Finn overhears and blames Liesl. He says she had no right to target Hayden, but Liesl feels she did him a favor by exposing Hayden for who she really is.

Liz asks Franco to move in with her. She feels they're ready for the next step. Franco agrees and the two make love.

Curtis agrees to help Finn find Hayden, but won't force her to return if she doesn't want to.

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