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James Gives Sheila a Free Pass on The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown, Ian Buchanan

Kimberlin Brown, Ian Buchanan

Steffy questions if putting Liam on an interview with Sally was a good idea. Bill thinks it is, but she's not convinced. They are concerned that Liam will spill the beans about Caroline. 

Sally corners Liam and asks if Bill is up to something. He tells her that he doesn't march to his father's orders. He wants to hear her story. Sally says she gets that Thomas is gone while Caroline withers on the vine, but she can manage Spectra without him.

Sheila wonders why James is there. He claims he's there to help her. James tells her she can leave the bandage off her head. He says her pupils are not dilated. Sheila claims she has symptoms, but he tells her she's ready to leave.

Brooke stops by the house. Eric tells her that he has a guest. Brooke sips coffee whilst pontificating on the virtues of Quinn and Sheila eventually coming to blows. Eric says he couldn't kick Sheila to the curb. He tells her he called James because Sheila suffered an injury at Quinn's hands.

Bill tells Steffy that Liam needs to grow a pair and be a man that accepts responsibility (you know the drill). Steffy doesn't think Liam is that guy (neither did we).

Liam sees Sally's sensitive side. She tells him she's done a lot on her own and talks about her upbringing. She's okay with Bill being competitive, but wants a fair shot and a level playing field. He looks at her designs and agrees there is potential.

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Sheila tells James she needs compassion because she's still disoriented. She talks about their history and how she talked to Mary whilst she was in prison. He thinks it's apparent she doesn't want to leave. As he leaves the room, she makes a comment that shakes him.

Sally says she believes in herself, but without Thomas she feels empty. She feels badly because she's waiting for Caroline to die. Liam promises to give Spectra a fair shake. She thinks nothing will destroy her, except his father.

James says he won't take the bait. Sheila tells him that Quinn is worse than she was. According to Mary, James is writing prescriptions to himself. Sheila thinks the medical board wouldn't approve. Sheila promises she will not blab or his career will be history.

Later, Liam takes up the cause for Sally with Steffy. Steffy claims she's not taking pleasure in Sally's misery, but believes she's getting what she deserves. 

Eric asks James what's going on. James tells him Sheila needs more time to heal, but because it's assault the police may be tipped off. He tells Eric that Sheila needs to stay put. He agrees, at least until she recovers.

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