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Brooke Tries to Get Through to Eric on The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill may be getting close to finding out Katie's secret.
John McCook, Katherine Kelly Lang

John McCook, Katherine Kelly Lang

Brooke questions whether or not Sheila is faking. Sheila gives James a nonverbal warning. James tells Brooke that despite her lack of trust, Sheila is injured and not milking the situation. Brooke warns him she will be back in a few days to make sure Sheila is gone. 

Justin and Bill are going over a business deal that Wyatt is working on. Bill wonders where Wyatt is. Wyatt is all hot, sweaty, and nekkid with Katie. Bill decides it's time to see Will and leaves the office. 

Brooke finds Eric. She asks about his feelings for Quinn. She tells him that if he's uncertain, Sheila will sense it and figure it out. Eric tells Brooke he loves Quinn and believes she will stay faithful. He thought Quinn killed Sheila when he walked in. Brooke reminds him that he takes broken women and tries to fix them. She tells him Sheila can't ever be trusted no matter how much he wants to believe she's changed. Brooke also tells Eric she will be back to make sure Sheila leaves.

Sheila threatens to expose James to the medical board. He wants to know on what planet the Forresters would allow her back in. Sheila tells James that Quinn cheated by having an affair with Ridge. Despite James' claims, Sheila promises she will be in his life with her portrait on the wall.

Bill lets himself into Katie's house. He calls out for Katie and Will. He barges into Katie's bedroom and wonders why she's in bed. He surmises there's a man in her bathroom and is happy for her. Katie tells him to get out. 

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Sheila tells James that she had the life she wanted before she screwed it up. She needs Eric, and his love and family. She reiterates there's no way she's leaving. She tells him that Quinn's days are numbered.

Eric stares at Quinn's portrait, but hears Sheila's voice in his head.

Bill presses Katie about the hidden man, then asks about Will. Katie tells him he's staying with Donna. Before he leaves, Bill grabs Will's overnight bag.

Wyatt wonders why Bill has a key. Katie admits she doesn't care what Bill or anyone else thinks, she's going to stay in the moment. 

Bill stops at the front door and looks back. He sees a Spencer Publications folder on the desk. He thinks about who could be with Katie.

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