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Perkie's Observations: Sam Can't Control Herself on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

The appraiser tells Anna that the diamond she brought him isn't from Hayden's collection, but was from a jewelry heist in Montenegro.

Franco has a proposal for Ava. He wants her to sell his paintings through her gallery. Ava says she's never setting foot in the gallery again because it reminds her of all that she's lost. Franco understands the damage he's done and can't atone for it. He wanted to destroy the paintings, but Kiki mentioned all the money that can be made. Ava finally agrees to think about it.

Valerie tells Kristina that she's been set up on a blind date, and is upset when Stella and Curtis walk up. Valerie explains to Stella how Curtis nearly cost her her job. Stella blames Jordan until Curtis explains what happened.

Alexis pays Sonny a visit. The two discuss Sam and how Alexis worries about her. Kristina overhears, but assumes they're talking about her and Parker. Sonny says they were talking about Sam, then asks about Parker. Kristina mentions that she's teaching at PCU. Alexis doesn't understand why she would want to get involved again.

Kristina says she's an adult, then throws herself on the floor, kicking and screaming. (Okay, maybe that only happened in my mind!) Alexis gets annoyed and leaves. Sonny says Parker took advantage of Kristina and doesn't want to see her hurt. Kristina says she has to learn from her own mistakes.

Sam feels she needs to tell Carly the truth, but Jason wants her to wait. Andre stops by to talk to Sam about her hallucinations. He believes they could be a manifestation of Sam's fears. Sam explains that she's now worried that Jason will die. Andre recommends that she talk to someone.

Liz warns Jason that Franco is moving in, which makes him angry. Liz points out that it's her decision and Jason needs to accept it. Jason counters with what Franco did to Sam, but Liz says Franco was sick then.

Joss and Carly argue about her actions. Carly decides Joss won't be seeing Oscar again. Joss screams at her that she can't control her life, then storms off. Alexis and Carly discuss teenage daughters.

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Alexis' advice is to take a step back and let them make their own mistakes. When Joss returns, Carly apologizes for pushing too hard and says she has permission to hang out with Oscar.

Jordan runs into Jason at the hospital. She questions why he was at the PCPD yesterday when the gun went missing. Jordan wonders why he would protect the shooter, unless he and Sonny are going after him themselves. Jason claims he left that life behind.

Franco finds Liz at his studio. She wants to know why he destroyed his paintings. Franco says they're ugly and that he needs to move past that time of his life. He's afraid to lose Liz, but she assures him that they have a future.

Jordan runs into Curtis, who explains about the blind date with Valerie. Jordan tells him to find someone who'll make him happy.

Valerie explains to Kristina about her blind date bust. Kristina complains about her mother's interference in her life, then remembers about Valerie's mother. Valerie says she'd give anything to see her mother again and tells Kristina to make things right.

Alexis meets up with Kristina and the two agree to make an effort to be respectful of each other.

Sam shows up at Sonny's. She says she can't lie anymore and needs to tell Carly the truth. Just then, Carly arrives. After some hesitation, Sam admits to Carly that she's the one who shot Sonny. 

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